Jul 20, 2016
Sara_Muska (All reviews)
Since there were no reviews I'll try to voice my oppinion! My first review please mind, be kind :D And I appologise in advance for spelling mistakes!

Story 9/10
So far not much of this manga has been translated and I have only read the 6 chapters that I could find translated. But I must say that I've found what has happened so far good with many intuiging points, hints about interesting back stories and things that makes you be interested in our hero and heroine. It has humor but it feels like it has a bit more serious theme plot wise and some spicy interraction.

Art 7/10
The art is pretty uniq but I've enjoyed it, which might say something since I'm rather picky. The characters can sometimes be diffuse but you can easily tell them apart and tell who's attractive, somehow. In all and all it's pretty artsy and shouln't be off putting, but check for yourself.

Character 8/10
Still not many chapters out but our main 2 stand out with their personalities, both which can be difficult to comprehend. Our heroine is kind and doesn't have the best view on herself and belives in the good in people, whilst this is common in shoujo (I know this is josei) I've yet to find her annoying. She is strong in her own way and efficient, she just needs a selfesteem boost! Our hero on the other hand is a womanizer and gets hit by women a lot. Like a lot a lot. And he teases our heroine a lot. Yet he has surpricingly kind moments and a possibly darker past?

Enjoyment 10/10
Sometimes cute, sometimes hot, cute heroine and hot cheeky kind (??) hero. I'm really looking forward to see how this continues!

Overall 9/10
You have nothing to lose by trying it! I really liked it and you might too! The only thing is that it needs to get translated, it's done in japanese and has 51 chapters! Get to work translator-sama *bows*