Jul 20, 2016
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If you’ve finished ‘The Second Barrage’ chances are you will be hungry for more. There isn’t any real sense of completion to the second season. I don’t know whether this was intentional or because they wanted to leave the show open for a possible third season. So in this sense the OVA does technically give a resolution. We also find out the full story about Revy’s past. It was already previously mentioned that she had a difficult childhood so actually showing what happened doesn’t add anything to her character. Revy was interesting because of her wicked sense of humor and unapolagetic way of living. ‘Roberta’s Love Trail’ just ends up making Revy seem like a victim of circumstance rather than a warrior.

This OVA came out in 2010 and is considerably more visually impressive then the original anime which aired in 2006. Presumambly this is due to advancements in animation software. Shading and lighting was used a lot more extensively in the OVA, from lens flare to carefully lit shower scenes. Talking of shower scenes there is some fan service. Like all fan service it’s completely pointless and ends up detracting more than it adds.

The plot focuses on Roberta who happens to be in my opinion the most absurd out-of- place character in this entire anime. Roberta is a gun-toting maid who serves the Lovelace family. In the OVA she goes through an identity crisis due to memories of being a guerilla fighter in a South American Country. Unlike Balalaika’s time as a solider, Roberta’s feels contrived and hard to believe. I get that they wanted the OVA to focus on another character, but they literally picked the worst one. They could have gone with the nuns from ‘The Church of Violence’. We could have seen more about how their illegitimate business operates. We could have looked at how Mr Chang manages to rule the Hong Kong Triad and deal with the delicate political problems as they arise from operating such a high level gang. Or we could have just gone with some random 2-bit Roanapur gangster and used his journey as an excuse to explore the City a little more. My point is they had plenty of choices yet still picked the worst possible character and gave her the worst possible arc. Whilst the OVA doesn’t feel like an outright cash grab is still comes off as shallow.

Black Lagoon Omake
If you must have more Black Lagoon but don’t want to ruin the story with an unsatisfactory ending then I’d suggest watching the Omake. It’s a series of anime shorts featuring the characters from the main show. The Omake clearly doesn’t have much of a budget behind it so the animation is limited. But seeing Benny end up as an internet troll or Revy turned into a gun-toting magical girl helps to make up for this.
There was no official English release for the Omake, but you can find a fan-subbed version of the series on YouTube.

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