Jul 17, 2016
NiBer (All reviews)
After watching the only translated OVA, 1st episode "Kiss, Hate, Love", which I loved, I was very much looking forward to seeing the full 12 episode anime. I waited for it to be subbed almost a month more than for other anime which finished mostly by the end of June.

First episode was basically the same as OVA. If you have watched the OVA before, you won't get surprised, only reminded what the plot was about.

Let's get directly to the good stuff.
The boys who are side characters are obnoxious to the point of being unbearable to watch.
Hanabi falls on the floor, gets hit by a soft mop or something, and everyone comes running towards her like she just survived a nuclear apocalypse. Girls are portrayed way too weak. She is also an annoying soccer mom, who has to shove down people's throats her ideas of righteousness. In fact, all the main girl characters are like that.
Kokoa is incredibly cringey to watch, her actions throughout the anime, are forced, irrational and dumb. Yuuto is hilariously cringey, shown as perfect prince in the eyes of the writer, and comes off heavily forced as well.

At last, here comes Ayumu, the only relatable character. He comes to school as a transfer student or whatever, I don't remember anymore nor do I care. Anyways, this guy is minding his own business when suddenly, everyone thinks he's into Hanabi for some stupid reason, while she keeps hanging around him all the time even though she's in a relationship . Soon enough, he magically falls in love with her through the power of forced writing.

Nao Maita (the writer) did a terrible job portraying there characters. She has shown she has very little knowledge on human psyche as all of her characters are very one dimensional. Kids are not as dumb as you think, lady.

Now, I will mention the important fact that the first three episodes are very good. It's always interesting to see how characters will end up together and you can't really make a mistake going with that direction. Honestly, the problems I mentioned above were completely irrelevant when the show was enjoyable, it had a good flow. However, once they got together the flow stopped, and the problems lingered.

I couldn't force myself to finish it and, also, I have a policy I don't watch anime once they fall to 4/10, subjectively.

I'm sorry, I really tried to like it, but I couldn't. It gives a shoujo a bad name. Honestly, the good thing this show has made me realize is appreciating how good shoujo genre actually is, and this bad apple can't ruin the genre for me and makes a show such as Special A, a God send, and don't even get me started on Maid sama.

Ultimately, I wouldn't recommend this show if you usually pay big attention to characters' interactions and whether they make sense or feel forced, which is how this show feels like.
I could only recommend this show to young teenage dreamy girls, warning them prior to watching the show to turn a blind eye on the characters.

This anime 'finishes' its plot way too quickly in the first few episodes, with remaining episodes only serving as melodramatic, generic plot twists, which are impossible to pass through without cringing. The events, as well as characters' interactions are way too obviously forced, it makes me want to gauge my eyes out. Would only recommend viewing first 3 episodes.