Jul 16, 2016
i-aint-uppity (All reviews)
I still feel a pang of disappointment whenever I see this title. It had potential. A simple title of vampirism with an absolutely gorgeous male lead and an okay female protagonist but it just fell into melodramatic schlock with a very dissatisfying ending.

I loved the art very much. I found it to be quite beautiful and competent and the male lead was competently okay in that he was serviceable for being the charming vampire that he was. The daughter was fine but easily replaceable with any other random girl, and the other vampire butlers could have been done away with.

The whole "I can't live without you" plot has been overdone and didn't bring anything new to the table: Paint-by-numbers and very typical, with an ending that left my so disappointed for what the story could have been--basically anything but what ended up happening.

You know, I don't think there really even was that much potential in the story, I just hate it when gorgeous red-haired bishonen are wasted in a crappy story such as this.