Jul 12, 2016
night3angel (All reviews)
I fell in love with this manga!!!!!
the characters are so freaking cute and amazing. I finished this manga in one go. I am addicted to aoi and akane (the little kiddos) they were so cute, some parts of the chapters made me cry they were so cuuteee uuugghhhh . And Nakamura was so adorable, i just fell in love with her character.
this is the most pure, innocent and lovely manga I have ever read, truly, i have read almost 2000 romance mangas and believe me, this manga made my heart warm and filled with love. this manga is a little bittersweet.
the way the sibling love each other, care for eatch other makes you truly warm, the way Nakamura looks after these kids is just honorable, the way this 16 years old girl teaches the kids about everything makes you want to rise your children just the way she does.
the mangaka is a true artist , i mean i have never seen such beautiful art, the babies and the children are drawn so finely and lovely and cutely.
gosh , if you love romance , slice of life and shoujo you ought to read this manga without a doubt.
if you don't read this manga you are going to be a criminal.
I loved everything about this manga.
The development of characters was written and shown very nicely.
and what i loved the most about LSL is, that there is no jealousy and stupid characters in this manga, nothing makes you want to drop reading or annoyed.
well, i really do recommend anyone to read LSL.