Jul 10, 2016
xhunter2301 (All reviews)
Rather than a review, this is more of a forewarning.

Having played and thoroughly enjoyed the visual novel/ game version of this anime adaptation, I sort of began watching this show with the expectation that there would be a ton of missing content, and I could almost smell the disappointment and confusion of new viewers.

A fact: the plot for Norn9 makes zero sense being told just once. From the get-go it has a complicated world and story line, with each characters' individual stories having huge effects on others'.

Logistically it's pretty impossible to cram hours and hours and hours of character development and backstory into a measly 13 episodes. So what you end up with is a sort of commendable mish-mash of scenes from the directors/ writers desperate attempts to somehow get it all to work. To be honest I was expecting this anime to be a train wreck, but i was pleasantly surprised as it seemed like a some key plot elements were decently conveyed, and there was just enough random fluff, romance, and light humor to bring some balance.

I would recommend watching this anime if you've got time to kill. Expect to be casually entertained, something to lift your mood with. But, if you're looking for the expansive mystery, heartfelt romance and compelling sci fi fantasy setting- the anime adaptation isn't where you'll find it.