Jul 3, 2016
Starmyu (Anime) add (All reviews)
SixZeroSeven (All reviews)
I am a quite big fan of music anime and handsome anime guys so it's a given that I would like this anime.But I don't think you would regret watching this even if only to laugh at the boys' weird dances(and songs) that pop out of nowhere.


At first I didn't know what I was getting myself into,I just knew there would be music so that was enough for me.The story isn't all that new and was fairly predictable but it still was entertaining.
The main character,Hoshitani once saw a boy dancing when he was in middle school and it captivated the protagonist so much that he even enrolled at Aoyanagi academy to become an amazing entertainer.He didn't really know much else besides the fact that he could achieve his dream there so when Nayuki tells him about the competition for the star frame class,he enters without realising that it isn't all that easy.But then his performance catches Ootori's eye so he takes Hoshitani under his wing along with 4 other students who were supposed to fail.From then on they proceed to follow their senpai's lead and actually having fun with what they do unlike the other members who follow the rules to maintain the school's tradition and reputation.There are a few obstacles and thorns along the way of our heroes but there isn't anything our heroes can't overcome with the power of music.
The story is simple enough,the pacing felt a bit slow at times(but they actually rehearse!) and halfway through is just getting to know the characters but it's a nice change to sit back and relax,enjoy the music and laugh.


Most animes of this genre us a more mature look for the characters that would give a more appealing look but this one used a more cartoonish style.Three of the main guys have unbelievably big eyes(Nayuki looks like a bunny with that pout of his) but the rest look alright.Their rivals seemed better looking in my eyes to be honest.And most of them were ''assigned'' a color to make the differences visible.For example Hoshitani green,Tengenji red,Nayuki yellow ,Tsukigami blue,Kuga purple,etc.It's a given with the number of characters I guess.I am at least glad that this anime doesn't use CGI for the dances,that would've been horrible.


The songs aren't all that wow but they are acceptable.Not too memorable either but I enjoyed the opening and ending,Kuga and Tsukigami's character songs and their first performance.It's also a plus that Ootori has the voice of Grimmjow(Bleach),Aomine(Knb),Ren(Utapri) and Atobe(Pot).Every time he says ''boys'' is a blessing to my ears.


The characters follow quite a bit on single trait basis at first:Hoshitani is the one who can get along with everyone,Nayuki shy,Tengenji tsundere,Kuga quiet,Tsukigami the brocon and Ootori the model.Even if there wasn't that critical of a development in the boys,it still was pleasing to see beyond their stereotypical appeareances,relate to the characters and cheer them on.I'm a bit surprised at the relationship between the student president and Ootori but I feel it was a nice addition.The president's fanboy annoyed me like hell though.Did he really have to butt in every time.At least in the end he gives the boys a break...


This has been a nice experience for me because I managed to forget my worries when I was watching those students achieve their dreams.It isn't the most memorable of animes and you won't have a change of life perspectives because of it but it's entertaining.I would rewatch it again just because.


It's an average musical anime with all the clichest of premises but I felt it was something more than that and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to unwind and enjoy its liveliness.