Jul 1, 2016
ReLIFE (Anime) add (All reviews)
sugarkiwi (All reviews)
To start off, ReLife is an anime that you can learn from. There was always some sort of tactic to get you interested, whether it was character development, conflict, or the entertainment. All-in-all, it was a very good anime.

The characters were so loveable and memorable, I even remember their names, plus got emotionally attached to each one of them. Their experiences really pull at your heart strings and make you love them even more. Even the tsundere character was loveable in this one.

There is conflict around every corner, but you understand where the problem is coming from and want to know how it gets solved. Most conflicts such as the ones in the story are not portrayed as commonly in other animes airing as of late. With this, I am going to have to say that it takes you back and gives you the feeling of nostalgia, especially with the music- mostly piano and jazz-, art - simple with cell-shading and cute editing used from older animes-, and of course the pacing.

With this anime, I kept on laughing or on the edge of my seat. Every episode either had me in tears of joy or sadness. This anime is a slife of life done RIGHT. The simple highschooler, middle schooler, or even those with full-time jobs will love this anime, relating to the characters often. The anime is very light, however touch on inner conflicts that many people face, including jealousy between friends and the "real world".

I have to say that this was a fairly well-made anime. The creators were not afraid to take risks and produced a wonderful anime- and based off a japanese webtoon from comico at that! There were some minor issues, such as the sudden change in music. The modern animes made today have orchestral music or even the computer-made songs in the original soundtrack, but this anime continuously plays rather simple piano pieces to help portray mood. Another this was when in one episode, SOMEONE TYPES ON THE KEYBOARD WHERE THE WORDS ARE AND ON THE NUMBER PAD (usually on the right of the keyboard). (And yes I just had to notice that.)


I have to admit that I was not expecting much when I jumped in to this - A slice of life anime based on a webtoon AND a completed tag when it first airs did not sound promising- HOWEVER, it exceeded my expectations and I ended up finishing the anime in one sitting.