Jul 1, 2016
Mixed Feelings
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"The journey is the reward" - Steve Jobs

In some cases, plot armor works to help the anime. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu is one of these rare examples. Sure, we know what's going to happen. Sure, it's the greatest moment when the entire show builds to it's climax and then it explodes into a colorful rainbow of nostalgia and emotion. But it can't wash away all the screw ups of the show in the past, right?
STORY: 8/10

Thankfully, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu rarely screws up, but even if it had, most of it would have been forgotten with the climax to top all climaxes. Ansatsu gets most of it's praise from how unique it is, and I won't argue with that. It's a very strange concept that almost makes you forget it's a shonen at points. ALMOST. Being a shonen isn't necessarily a bad thing, though. It just means that it's prone to the flaws of shonen - arcs that are inferior to others. Again, Ansatsu pretty much blows that out of the water though. None of the arcs are inferior to others, which I feel even works against it at a point, when the final arc was just as exhilarating as one from the halfway point. And, most of the arcs follow a common pattern in shonen - bad guy shows up, minor struggle, you beat him, the next bad guy shows up, slightly larger struggle, you beat him, boss shows up, big struggle, you beat him, recovery episode. Which brings me to the ending. From the very beginning, straight out of episode one, you had been waiting for the death of Koro-sensei. The moment was just as filled with sadness as everyone had predicted, it wasn't surprising at all. But looking in the episode discussion, you don't find anybody complaining, even the manga readers were impressed with how well it was handled. In conclusion, Ansatsu is creative, but not quite groundbreaking.
ART: 5/10

Lerche isn't a very famous studio, and even if you had heard of them before, it probably wasn't for their mind boggling animation and more likely for their screw up of Daganronpa. When the original season first aired the animation was still pretty mediocre, but it hasn't improved since then, and the animation around it has, which has made it even more underwhelming. Both the art and animation are bad.
SOUND: 6/10

The first opening theme screams average to me. It sounds like I've heard it before, kind of thing. The endings are slightly better but still, 99% of people won't care to remember or even listen. But every once and a while, there is an theme song that completely outclasses the rest, the one people remember the show for. Bye Bye Yesterday is one of the three openings I've listened to so many times in a row I got tired of it. Usually it's one or two, but with this one it was probably 20 - 30. That's insane. Actually, I'm amazed I was able to, writing that down. It may seem unbelievable, but it was THAT good to me. The soundtrack gets completely ignored because most of the openings aren't spectacular, which is such a shame because the innovative soundtrack is one of the show's best features. Some of it feels a little out of place, like it should be in a mystery show, but it's still great nonetheless. The average sound effects are made up for by the highly praised seiyuu that voice the characters. Koro-sensei and Karma, in particular, are voices that I could put to the face blindfolded. Ansatsu has it's ups and downs in the sound department.

Really, Koro-sensei is the only character that I felt was good. He works really well as the series mascot, but if that wasn't enough, he was also hard not to love. Despite this, I can see why others consider him to be annoying. The other main character, Nagisa, is pretty average for a main character. Acts-weak-but-is-actually-the-best-in-the-class kind of thing. As for the supporting cast... well, this is why Ansatsu is so praised. All of them get their own little development arc, which seemed forced to me. On top of that, the characters really are just templates, design and personality-wise. Just because the show does a good job at featuring them all doesn't necessarily make them good characters.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu is definitely show that was meant to for you to not expect anything at all, and then take the viewer by surprise. Did it take you by surprise? Or did you like it anyway? Feel free to comment on my profile and tell me what I did wrong with this review, I'm always up for feedback. Thanks for reading!
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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