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Jul 1, 2016
This review written by me has a reason, because I am myself a 27 year old somewhat failed person. The main character is easy for me to relate to what made this show really something for me to look forward to when I first read about it online.

All episodes are well connected with each other and made me wanting to just watch it in one go as soon as I had the chance watching it. This proves the concept of the story and how well I could follow it. There were no gaps or plot holes for me to recognize. The art was fitting and the comedy elements were well placed breather moments making the whole show not too dense and after a bit of drama acceptable.

The big question is why or when should you watch it? Have you ever had moments in life when you thought: "Damn, what if I didn't do this or what if I would had done that." Ever felt regret about something in the past? This show will unwind those questions in a really good way for you to relate to.

To wrap this good and well written story and the animation fits perfectly. Best part is wanting more of the story to watch/read.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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