Jul 1, 2016
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: So when I first wrote this review, I still had 3 more episodes to watch. The original review didn't include my thoughts on the ending. This review you're about to read is my final opinion on ReLIFE and it was spellchecked. I'm only going to add my thoughts about the ending at the end and I decided not to edit the rest. Enjoy.

Should you watch? Short answer: Yes. Long answer: No. This may sound confusing to some but it's how I feel about this series. I feel like if I get into too much details describing the show then I'll sound like I'm telling you not to watch. Even though I'm not an expert at doing reviews, I'll try my best to express my thoughts while they're fresh.

So as many of you already know, this story follows a 27-year-old jobless man that gets the offer to go back to highschool. With a pill, he turns from a grown adult to a 17-year-old. One of the problems is that he still has the mentality of a 27-year-old and he can't tell anyone about the pill and his real age. He gets assigned to a highschool nearby and ends up falling for a very shy and awkward girl named Hishiro and making many friends. The second problem is that this girl he has fallen for and his friends are 17-year-olds and the difference of age causes a problem on how he needs to act and how far can he go around them. What comes next is a 'not very original' romance/friendship story between our cast.

I came to this series with ridiculously low expectations (like really low). To my surprise, in the first episodes (episodes 1-6 to be specific) I was having a blast. I was laughing my ass off and I really enjoyed the character's interactions with each other. I thought that this series could be something unique and it could hold on its own against the other spectacular series that approach us this summer season. Then...I got to the 7th episode. It all fell downhill from here on.

The main problem I have with episodes 7-10 is that they felt like nothing was progressing. Sure we got some character development for side characters, but to me it just felt like I was watching OVAs or specials. It wasn't until Episode 11 that somewhat picked the story up a little and I felt like shit was progressing. I was really enjoying the first episodes but suddenly I wasn't laughing as much and I wasn't having the same enjoyment as before.

Even though the second half fell flat, it wasn't horrible nor unwatchable. I think that since I was having so much fun with episodes 1-6 that when it dialed down a bit, it felt a bit underwhelming. It was good seeing that development and it was a decent watch all the way through.

The story is nothing extraordinary, but it's interesting. The characters are a bit cliché, but still lovable. The romance is nothing to fangirl about, but it's cute. It's not the best thing I've watched, but I did have fun. I think I underestimated this anime and even though it had a couple of flaws, it was very enjoyable as a whole.

THOUGHTS ON THE FINAL 3 EPISODES: So if you've read this far, you'd know how dissapointed I was about the second half. Now that I have finished show, I think these 3 episodes made up for the mess it got itself into. After 4 episodes of feeling like I was watching non-canon filler, the story really picked itself up, it felt funny again and we got a pretty good ending. Without spoiling anything, all the romantic doubts I had about who was going to end together were resolved (at least in my opinion). The only thing I'm a bit dissapointed about is that I feel like I'll need to pick up the manga to get a 100% satisfying ending. Don't get me wrong, it was somewhat satisfying, but my romance craving heart needs a full confirmation on things. Needless to say, I really enoyed this anime and will be thinking about it for a while.

Final Scores:
Story: 7.5
Art: 8
Sound: 6
Characters: 8
Enjoyment: 8
Overall: 8/10 (I originally gave it a 7.5 but after watching the last 3 episodes, it's a solid 8.)

To conclude this review, I say to go give it a shot. It's only 13 episodes and I think it's worth at least one viewing. I really hope you found this review helpful.