Jan 9, 2010
SolistraSora (All reviews)

The basic premise of Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou is Modern Magic, which uses codes to produce spells instead of using the traditional incantations and scrolls, etc. This is somewhat a fresh spin to other magical girl shows, and is refreshing. Of course, there are also magicians in the show that use the olden version of magic, which requires them to recite an incantation. The story itself was very plain, with just the basic evil guy trying to conquer the world. Although it was somewhat a new spin on this genre, the hopeless story plot just brought the mark down terribly.

Rating: 6/10


The characters in the show are really loveable from the very start. But I guess that ends there. Pretty much no development throughout the entire show, not even on Koyomi, who still fails at magic at the end of the show. I mean, seriously? Usually, the main character would get some uber-epic special power that can destroy the bad guy and smolder him to pieces, but I guess not. All she can do by the end is the only thing she could do from the beginning, summoning washbasins. Sigh. Oh well...

Rating: 5/10


Finally, something good I can say about this anime! XD What made me want to watch this in the first place was because of it's artwork. Although it seems that not many viewers appreciate this art / coloring style, I really loved it. Yea yea, it's all not in proportion and whatnot...but I don't really care XD Not much to say here again but it's perfect =3

Rating: 10/10


The opening and ending for the show was really enjoyable, and catchy as well...which reminds me that I have to get the full single soon =3 The background music was decent and nothing much to complain about them ^^ Ai Nonaka's voice is awesome as always, and did a good job as Koyomi's voice. Props to the other voice actressess who also did a good job =]

Rating: 9/10


Despite having a horrible story plot and character development, I have to say, the show was still enjoyable to watch (to an extent), especially the filler episodes. As long as the evil bad guy wasn't in the shot, the show wasn't too bad after all ^^; I really miss all the characters now O_O

Rating: 8/10

Final Rating: 38/50