Jun 30, 2016
HidamariSeashore (All reviews)
The sad fact of life is that all good things must eventually come to an end, and that includes whatever school year might have actually been fun for you. Thus, Class 3-E - the only class that teaches assassination - must come to an end, as well, whether the world goes down with it or not. In this season of Assassination Classroom, we get to see how it all ends, making it one of those anime that is actually a full adaptation of the original manga. When I watched the first season last year, I enjoyed it a whole lot; that was more than enough to get me to watch the second season when it came out. Needless to say, this season was even better.

Ladies and gentlemen, tentacles all over (yes, I'm saying that again), here is my review of Assassination Classroom Second/Final Season.

For those unfamiliar with Assassination Classroom, it centers around Class 3-E, which is considered to be the lowest class in Kunugigaoka Junior High (and gets poor treatment from both teachers and students because of it). They end up getting a new teacher, which is a huge, yellow, octopus-like thing capable of Mach 20 speed and, as it is said, mass destruction; you see, he is apparently responsible for the recent destruction of the moon. He claims to be destroying Earth next in a year, but first, he wants to teach Class 3-E. Thus, Class 3-E is given the assignment of killing this thing, now named Koro-sensei, by graduation, and they will earn the 10 billion yen bounty on his head if he does so. Needless to say, Koro-sensei proves to be an excellent teacher to the students by not only teaching them the regular school subjects and assassination, but also life lessons.

The second season of Assassination Classroom picks up from where it left off, and boy, does it get great from there! A few parts of the story in this season feel a little rushed, but it was certainly never boring! It provided a lot of character development for each character in this series, even some of the ones that started out unlikable. For example, the principal of Kunugigaoka Junior High, Asano, starts off as someone with a heart of stone, but when you get to see his backstory, you start to sympathize with him even a little bit. Speaking of backstories, Koro-sensei's backstory is finally revealed in this season, as well, and while trying not to give too much away.... man, is it intense!

The art and animation in season two of AssClass (still amused by this abbreviation) is pretty much the same as in season one, seeing that it's still Lerche animating it, so there really isn't much for me to say here. It's still well-done animation that especially stands out in the easy-to-get-into action scenes. The Japanese voice acting for this season is pretty good, too. Now, as for the music, I honestly thought that both the opening and ending themes of this season left more of an impact than the opening and ending themes of the first. I especially liked "Bye-Bye Yesterday", the second opening theme; it's really sad that this anime is ending, and this opening really made me feel the impact of its upcoming end.

Overall, while I did enjoy season one of Assassination Classroom, season two was even better. If anyone has seen season one and wants to know how it ends, you'd better watch this. I'm personally looking forward to seeing more of these interesting characters in the spin-off, Koro-sensei Q, but for now, we must say goodbye as Class 3-E graduates from their assassination classroom.