Jun 30, 2016
LeaderTGW (All reviews)
Oh Koro-sensei, He wasn't just teaching his students new things, he taught us fans new things too, even if we didn't realize it. Among-st the many things Koro-Sensei taught us, was how to laugh, learn & develop, always make room to improve, be inspired, challenge yourself, and most importantly use your full potential!

During the shows first season I was not interested in the anime nor manga. I felt that the story was absolutely ridiculous and a complete waste of time reading/watching. It wasn't until 2013 that I saw "Funny moments" or "best moments" in anime videos on Youtube and saw Assassination classroom on it and thought to myself, "ha, this does look pretty funny" "I'll try any show once", gave it a watch and was for the most part blown away.. like the moon... (Puns intended.)My favorite thing about the story and plot is that it connected to me, the viewer on a personal level. I could relate to how most of the characters backstories in E classroom were treated at school. For the most part, mainly towards the ending of the season 2 I felt that the build up towards the final episode were very well executed... or should I say.. assassinated.. wait, I don't think that word works.. whatever. The begining of the season 2 has ups and downs however for the most part, it remains pretty solid. I don't want to use the term "roller-coaster" but I think I will use that to describe it. For example, 1-4 episodes will be about the daily lives of certain students, or the students working on something unrelated to the story. It felt more like filler episodes for the most part. Now for the second part season 2 the backstories about certain characters past and the history of class E finally begin to unfold. We are introduced to more characters and both shocking, and sudden plot developments, as to be expected. For the most part each arc of season 2 is all over the place and honesty, I felt it lacked a sensible amount of balance. The plot for certain episodes can feel a bit confusing at times because one second the students are honing their skills then next episode they are helping re-build a shelter. So balance does seem to be a reoccurring problem within the story-line. Overall I l was generally impressed with the story, I believe that Yūsei Matsui did an amazing job with his work and that Lerche did an amazing job following the work.

Number one thing that annoyed me about the series overall is that the animation or lighting in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, even without the show being censored it's really dark. There are multiple moments in the show where areas are unnecessarily darkened to the point where I actually start questioning myself "This is the uncensored or raw version right?" The background settings looked poorly done so maybe that's why the animators decided to use darkness in multiple scenes. Character designs still remain the same so I do not have much to add to the subject. I felt like the artwork, especially the background settings needed to be re-done. I hope to see whoever is in charge of editing the Blu-Ray discs, brightens things up.

The sound wasn't anything to special, I don't want to say lackluster however most of the times I'd be watching an action scenes I didn't feel like the music playing enhanced the situations(s) occurring on screen. I also didn't care for both opening songs and the latest ending song Mata Kimi ni Aeru Hi by Shion Miyawaki. The ending song from PT 1 was my only favorite track. Seiyuu's are always amazing in this show. Of course my main man, a hundred grams, N*gga's just don't understand, Jun Fukuyama reprises his role as the lovable and somewhat admirable Koro sensei. Perhaps my favorite thing that Jun does with Koro sensei is his laugh. Every time I hear "Nyeh heh heh heh heh" or "Nyu fu fufu fu" I burst out laughing too. Nagisa, Karma, I really liked that their voice actors went through good lengths of studying English so they could speak it properly for certain episodes. While Karma's actor Nobuhiko English sounded a bit "broken" I did however like that Nagisa's voice actor Mai
Fuchigami was able to enunciate or pronounce English better. Everyone else did a great job with their roles and I think that Ansatsu Kyoushi has one of the best cast of voice actors for an anime series. Each of the actors are able to express a good amount of feeling with their characters in order to make their characters feel more... realistic.

The characters are the most vital part of Ansatsu Kyoushitsu. The main focus for all characters in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu is growth & development. These two things are literally the key in what makes this series work out so great. As to be expected of course, during the beginning of the series season 1 until the ending, the characters are lacking strength, potential, and skill. My favorite thing about the series characters is that I felt like I got to experience growth along with the students, and the teachers in this series. The way the characters react when they learn new things or acquire a new skill, because I felt so involved while watching it made me feel like I learned something new too. For example, if Koro-sensei is speaking directly to the students about studying for an exam and he's giving them both words of advice and encouragement then I, the viewer am also receiving some sort of acknowledgement too. Another thing about the characters is that they're all made to be either relate-able and or likable. That way viewers like me feel like they are on the same level as the characters in the show. Out of all departments listed from the "rate the anime" category I would say that characters are my most favorite thing about the series.

Enjoyment and pleasure is always experienced while I'm watching Ansatsu Kyoushitsu. I don't think for a second I've ever been truly unsatisfied with an episode. I have to give the series some praise because for 25 episodes and not a single one for me to dislike, I think that's amazing. I think to myself, even while writing this, "hmmm, I know there has to be at least one episode I hate" but I just cannot think of a single episode. Overall I was very satisfied with Ansatsu Kyoushitsu. I think although it may not have been the best of the current season it still stood out enough to earn the 4th spot in my top 5 airing the spring season. 9/10 for a memorable and joyful experience.