Jun 28, 2016
amollide8 (All reviews)
Did you expect something cliché like boys singing and dancing and lalala? Then, that’s a wrong impression you have there mate. Shounen Hollywood Holly Stage for 49 is way beyond that.

One word is all it takes to make any anime worthy to be watched: interesting. It’s simple. If you think it’s interesting, then watch. If not, then don’t. It all boils down in asking yourself: Is it interesting enough to make me watch it?

So? What makes this anime interesting?

Well, what is an idol? Is being an idol the right path to take? What does it takes to be an idol? --- These are the questions that swirls around the anime.

The episodes are mild and slow-paced, in a good way. This anime shows a different angle of idols. The masses only see idols as they are on screen, on a poster or on a picture. They shine. They sparkle. They always smile like they don’t have any troubles. However, what happened before all of that? What kind of road could they have taken to get there? What kind of lives do they lead?

The characters are fascinating especially, the five main characters. They aren’t boring at all since they have different personalities which blend well together. Each of them has quirks that make them interesting and stand out on their own. In addition, they are all eye-candies. Red, pink, blue, yellow and green… I couldn’t pick out a favourite out of the five.

So? Is it worth it?
Yes, I enjoyed watching this anime. Actually, I didn’t expect it to influence me this much. I’m so glad that I stumbled upon this show. I don’t mind watching the two seasons all over again.