Jun 28, 2016
exotic-senpai (All reviews)
I'm surprised to see that this manga has no reviews since it's one of my favorites.

The story in a nut shell is about a hard working girl who really wants to get married to become a housewife. Strange-I know. It got me at first but it turns out the main girl is a hard worker, does her job nearly flawless and is well respected. It is weird how she wants to drop everything to be a stay at home, but she believes it is her only way to be in a happy family since her own family is the same. She's at the normal marrying age and has a long term boyfriend. Right when she thinks her boyfriend was finally going to propose...he breaks up with her. Later she meets a mysterious man: he is handsome, very well liked, a famous reporter-he seems so perfect until he tells her he never plans on getting married.

The art is very nice. The side characters of both triangles annoyed me so that's why I rate it a 9/10 but besides that the central romance is cute. The main couple is very attractive and the character development between the two on the idea of marriage collides.

Please take your time to read it. It's a nice story.