Jun 24, 2016
esaoud (All reviews)
Usagi Drop feels like the type of show that would be critically acclaimed, but just not be very interesting. By that I mostly mean the story telling elements were good, the characters were presented well, and parts were endearing. But even though it told the story very well, the story itself was not very interesting. It is a similar issue I have with some classic pieces of literature like Great Expectations (for example). The writing is clearly world class but the story that it is telling just isn't all that interesting.

The show definitely isn't bad, I'd just wish they introduced better conflict or something. This feels like it should be the first half of a show. It kills me to, because I actually really grew to enjoy their relationship and all, but nothing really happened.

I know a lot of people don't like where the manga took the story, but honestly I feel like that wasn't a bad twist. Partly because at the pace the show was going there was just 0 suspense and conflict, but also because they did a really good job of portraying their relationship as not Father Daughter. To me it almost felt like they were just two humans who loved each other, not quite friends, and not quite family. And while there is other places it could have taken it, it feels faithful to that aspect to me.

Overall, even though I really liked the characters and the show started off strong to me, Usagi Drop ended up as just another average show.