Jan 27, 2008
Master10K (All reviews)
Minami-ke is a Slice of Lice, Comedy about the ordinary lives of 3 ordinary sisters. You can’t get more ordinary than this, yet the mild mannered comedy is a sure win.

This short series is a typical slice of life, portraying the usual daily lives of 3 sisters. The story is basically structured by going from one random short story/event to the next with not much liking these events together. There’s nothing complex about story as the events are just the usual things we all experience in life: eat, go to school, hang out with friends, study and sleep. The only thing that makes this slice of life interesting is the comedy side of things. There’s quite a lot of light-hearted humour scattered around, with a lot of it being some kind of pun or just making fun typical clichés. But the comedy wouldn’t be as good, if it weren’t for the likable characters.

The three Minami sisters are the main characters that make the series so enjoyable. First we have Haruka the well-mannered and responsible older sister, Kana the idiotic and eccentric middle sister and finally we have Chiaki the cute, cold-hearted little sister. The way they interact with one another is hilarious and the supporting characters are enjoyable to watch as well (Hosaka).

At first glance the animation looks as ordinary as the series with no need to flesh it out, on parodies and such. The change in their facial expressions adds to the hilarity of the series and overall it is also fairly fluid. The music is okay for this slice of life but it doesn’t add or take away anything from the viewing experience, as it feels more like a neutral element.

Overall Minami-ke is a great light-hearted comedy, showing the ordinary lives of ordinary girls however the level of comedy can seem pretty stale for some but the rest of us will enjoy it. I particularly enjoyed the “Sensei and Ninomiya-kun” moments that randomly popped up throughout the series. So if you tired of watching the same old shounen anime or just want more of the same thing from other similar comedies, then this is worth checking out.