Jun 17, 2016
Orinami (All reviews)
From an artistic perspective, this Manga is beautiful. Perhaps an homage to it's name, this manga starts off with several beautifully painted Full-Color pages. The art style continues to impress with clean lines and careful draftsmanship of a salon working environment.

The plot starts off fairly straightforward, but takes a darker turn midway through. I found the characters themselves to be rather unlikable. If you like manga with sweet characters and heart-tugging romances (like from Ichikawa Kei, Junko, Natsume Isaku, ect) then you probably won't like this manga.

However, if you have a darker taste and enjoy manga like Caste Heaven, then you will probably like this manga.

Ultimately, I liked the artwork and the pretty characters and the story was intriguing, the characters were unlikable, and not suited to my tastes. Once the series continues publication in Ciel Magazine, I probably won't continue to read it.