Jan 5, 2010
ddrcrono (All reviews)
There are two ways you can look at this series:

1) It's something that's trying to be a serious action series and fails because it's terribly cheesy,
2) This is ~meant~ to be a throwback to cheesy cartoons of the 1970s and 1980s, and the cheese is, at least in part, self-satire.

Personally, I lean more towards the second interpretation, and find that the series is accomplishing what it's set out to do. If you don't like cheesy old-school or satire, you're really not going to like this series at all, I'll give you that as a fair warning.

First, you've got the typical daredevil macho hero with an arm that looks like it belongs on Megaman, then there's the scantily clad heroine and the villain I can almost imagine yelling "I'll get you next time, Gadget!" as she flies away in her ship after having her plans foiled. (I want to say again, but this is only the first episode so far)

Second, you've got what looks like a pretty typical plot - keep the key to the Universe from the bad guys while you get it to where it needs to be. Nothing fancy at all here.

So, why the (somewhat) high rating?

Maybe it's just that something feels almost nostalgic about this, or maybe it's that this type of "typical" is actually pretty uncommon in anime. I'd say the main character almost feels like He-Man with a gun arm, and certainly seems like he'd belong more in an American-style cartoon rather than an anime.

I also appreciated a couple of satirical bits in the first episode: Normally, when the hero blasts away a vehicle as it races towards him, the flaming debris that should remain seems to conveniently vanish. This wasn't the case with Cobra, as the flying vehicle speeding towards the hero simply became a flaming flying vehicle speeding towards the hero instead.

Given that we're only at the first episode right now, I could be wrong and this could turn out to be a terrible series, but so far I'm leaning towards believing it's satire and am enjoying it thoroughly.