Jun 15, 2016
HentaiBestAnime (All reviews)
First I would like to start my review off by stating that this is one of the very few anime's that I have watched 3 which might not seem like much but with how long it goes for I think it is worth the note. There is animes with 1 episode that I have watched say like 4-5 times but that is alot less time spent watching then Aneki.

story - The story of this Anime is think personally is really good and that not many Animes have used, There is not many points in this that you can compare with other Animes besides the actual sex scenes, which y'know of course you can compare this with others. There is however an episode (scene) in this anime I did not really take a fancy too, although maybe being good it really did not catch my eye as being significant.

Art- If you are like me, and like art in the anime then you might take a fancy to this. This anime has a unique art style that very few animes will actually use if any. Which is a pitty seeing as though this style is really swell and I am pretty sure lots of people would agree that seeing more animes with this art style would be amazing. Other figures too this anime's art isn't necessarily the style but animations. This anime does not have the best animations (still some good ones) but personally I did not think they were the best, if you care for animations I believe the best anime for this would be Imouto Paradise, but anyways.

Character (skipped sound) - The characters in this anime is another thing I believe is not a big take, the main ones in this I love is the main redhead I believe that the readheads in this anime are done really well and the artists did nothing wrong but however, some characters such as the swim teachers could of had some minor adjusts (personallt the blonde one) I believe the blonde teacher could of had some minor adjustments to her personality and slightly with looks.

Enjoyment - This has got to be by far one of the best animes I have watched in a while and is well worth the time to watch, I am continuing to go watch the manga as we speak and I hope it is as good as the anime if not better.

Overall - I would give this anime a 9.5/10 the reason for this is just that some aspects of this anime were quite amazing but there is some minor tweaks that were needed.