Jan 4, 2010
Uthred (All reviews)
The trailer for this show was what sparked the great "chesticles" vs. "flame titties" debate "back in the day". After having watched the show though I have to say that the trailer (and its attendant voice over) would have been hard pushed to give a more incorrect view of it. In many ways its impossible to pin down what exactly this show is - romance comedy, introspective examination of adolescence and first love, absurdist satire of global war politics, cutting commentary on the destructiveness of love taken too far - its really all of these and more.

I feel like a cunt for writing something like this, but Don’t leave me alone Daisy isn't so much watched as experienced, the way in which it transcends genre's forces the viewer into a more active position in interpreting just what exactly the show is trying to say. Yes well, art school wank out of the way the obvious question is "Yes, that’s nice, but is it any good?”

It’s an older show and as such the quality of the animation is certainly sub-par to more modern fare, this doesn’t bother me (especially as I've been working through older anime I missed at the time) but if you watch anime solely for the lovely looking animation it may put you off. That aside I think it is good, though in many ways how much you get out of it may depend on how much you want to read into it. If you take it at face value then some people may not get past the first episode as it presents a fairly creepy "extreme stalker" situation that could turn some people off. And certainly the first time I watched it I thought "Hmm not sure about this", but while somewhat creepy it's also quite intriguing and dragged me back in. In the end though it’s hard to recommend this as I have a feeling it’s one of those highly polarised media products where everyone loves it, hates it or completely ignores it.