Jun 11, 2016
Shiki (Anime) add (All reviews)
Nashi_Nashi (All reviews)
Recently,there have been a lot of horror anime with the theme of 'mysterious things happening in a small village', like Higurashi or the very recent Mayoiga. Well Shiki is another one of those anime's with the 'mysterious things happening in a small village' theme but what makes it different to the others? Vampires.

Story (8):
Like I said, Shiki follows the very common theme of 'mysterious things happening in a small village'. The only thing that is very different is the fact that the story was filled with vampires. That's not to say that the story wasn't good. It was. Especially the fact that it took three different perspectives from three different characters , which I haven't really seen before in anime.

Art (9):
Wow. That is the word to describe the art of Shiki. The art style is so gorgeous and unique. The character designs were well done apart from a few that looked a bit childish but that didn't really matter because for the most part they were really well done! Moreover the art was very consistent.

Characters (9):
The characters of Shiki were really standout's! Like I said earlier, the story took three different perspectives from 3 characters: Natsuno, Toshio and Muroi. This allowed us to get to know the characters better. All of the characters had absolutely fantastic development and moreover all of them were lovable!

Sound (9):
Another thing I loved about Shiki is the amazing sound. I will admit, the voice acting wasn't amazing, but the music was! Every single piece of it's music was catchy, enjoyable and well suited to the anime. Not only that but the BGM was probably the best I've heard. The animation of the OP's and ED's was also gorgeous. I seriously cannot praise this enough.

Overall Enjoyment (8):
Overall I think Shiki has some really amazing qualities and is really an anime like no other! Despite all the criticism, if you are a fan of super dark anime that makes you question humanity this is definitely an anime you should check out!