Jun 10, 2016
rinkoish (All reviews)
** Free spoilers

At the first I think this movie is the best Detective Conan Film until now. I've seen all the Detective Conan movies and this one was the movie I enjoyed most.

Story: 8
you must need to read conan manga to fully understand what happen in this movie

Art: 10
the art is excellent, giving all the scenes wonderful color and action.The backgrounds are lovely..

Sound: 9
I like all of the voice acting for all of the characters are always amazing. all the soundtrack and music are great too

Character: 10
All big characters were involved.. the cast was great.

Enjoyment: 10
The movie's messages are very deeply and I enjoyed every word they said.. the lines are awesome there is some emotional lines

Overall: The story is amazing, the characters are wonderful, the artwork is beautiful and the acting and music are both awesome, my final rating is going to be a 10/10.