Jun 7, 2016
ChaoticThinker (All reviews)
Format: Passed Premise Format - 13 Episodes.

Ah! Plastic Memories had so much potential. Truth of the matter it could have gone on many different routes on which to take the story but given that it green lit with 13 episode the production team took it to what Plastic Memories is truly about, It's been a while since I've seen a story revolving around human & android relationship even since Chobbits!.

Right now you're probably asking whether this is similar on any way to the mentioned anime above or do they share a format?. The answer is a simple no as the plot unfolding on Plastic Memories isn't meant to delve into a beautiful story or pull out a Hamlet by Shakespeare so the Hyenas at MAL could maybe be satisfied to have a medium of art turned into what they want it to be rather than to judge it for what is the anime trying to get at or judge an apple for being an apple not a screw. Chobbits made it's presence known by elaborating whether androids and humans could possibly hit it off and whether androids could perhaps become self aware and the possible message of them stealing the human characteristic of socializing and ditch it somewhere for the company of a to quote Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z "A bucket of screws", An android.

Plastic Memories went the other way and elaborated an scenario on which we've gone past self awareness and accept androids or "Giftias" how they're called in Plastic Memories as a being equal to or akin to human and set the template on a Slice of Life manner on which you could become the observer and be the receptors of the message this anime wished to deliver onto you.
Things like limited Life Span, Specifics about the design or how the Giftias work scarily identical to humans are tossed out the window. As well of onto how the idea or replicating the OS personality and copying of memories of a "Giftia" once gone passed the expiration date is never explored, This isn't neglect nor is it a flaw because the story isn't of value but the playout of situations development once the variables and/or unexplained factors are outright ignored so the anime can get started on doing what it is meant to do on this instance deliver a message and get your attention.

Story = N/A, Summary = N/A, (Message = Applicable). 8

Mizugaki, Tsukasa is an 18yr old graduate who has failed to enter college since he failed his entrance exams because of an unexpected illness or maybe cold feet. His father calls in a favor to SAI CEO to give him a job that happens to be retrieving androids nearing expiration dates. Failure to do so can result on the androids erasure of personality and unlocking of absurd strength that all androids have but have limiters to so that they don't kill or destroy anything by accident or deliberately do so in the case of an error.

His partner is a Giftia that goes by the name of Isla to whom he little by little becomes drawn to and eentualy must deal with her eventual departure as a Giftia due to the circumstances of their life span. All of which the anime is really about, Closure, Moving on with your life and the message to live out the fullest and make every second count. Most humans have an average life span of 68 - 83 years and because of this we see death really far on the horizon, Though personally I think of this as a very short life span our perception if time is elongated. Plastic Memories exploits this human characteristic by delivering to us a Giftia identical to humans but with a known limited life span.

I've stated the average life span of a human but do you know how long you'll live?. Does anyone without an illness know exactly when is it we must depart from the world?. Would you love your life and make every second count if you knew how long you had since the very beginning and perhaps get things in order to do what humans ultimately can not do. That is, To say Good bye.

The Giftias are nothing but a proxy of us that puts known mortality to perspective. Would you live your life differently if by the time you're self aware you knew exactly how much you have to live and when is your expiration date?. I perhaps would but that would certainly kill all the fun on my perspective.

Plastic Memories message came flying with an array of different color on a very solid manner. Have you made every second count?.

Animation: 8

The animation is very good and fluid, It did and performed under the task at hand.

Sound: 8

The music was great and the voice actors did a very good jobs.

Characters: 8

The characters were well nit and did chemically what they were required to do placing each single one of them at different stages on which our main character grew.

Enjoyment: 10

I thoroughly enjoyed Plastic Memories to the fullest. It did a masterful job at what is set out to do and it is to make you aware of your mortality and anyone else you love, Family, Friends and even pets since you'll most likely will outlive them. Make every second of your life count and make as many memories you can.

Overall: 8.4

How did I arrive at this score?.

8 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 10 = 42 / 5 = 8.4

Overall = S + A + S + C + E

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