Jun 6, 2016
MondoX (All reviews)
The manga started off great, but after 90 chapters it started going downhill for me. The main reason is that the story started focusing on Ijuuin, the intern, and less on Asada. I thought Asada was the MC, and I liked everything about him, but then he completely disappeared for 30 plus chapters. I already disliked the intern, with his constant whining, even though he was being trained by the best. All of a sudden, he has become the main focus of the series, even though he is a whining, ungrateful, and disloyal piece of work. Some of the antagonists of the story are better written, and bring something to the story. One of the main antagonist, Noguchi, that I despise is more worthy than Injuuin. If the story would not have completely disregarded the original MC, I would have given this manga a higher rating. Imagine reading GTO, and the MC disappears and only makes some cameos in certain chapters, would you still enjoy the series as much?