Jun 4, 2016
Lax_Caux (All reviews)
Warning: minor spoilers ahead

Digimon was one of my favorite TV shows when I was younger, and as huge fan of the series I was in the opposite side from my collegues, Pokemon and Dragon Ball fans. Adventure is an amazing show, with very mature themes in the plot and great characters. The sequel, Adventure 02 was not so good, with lame new characters and an awful ending. Tamers was so called Digimon 3 by TV marketing, but is a spin--off (a great one to be fair), so Digimon Adventure has ended with a bitter taste in the fans mouth.

So I received the news of a new Digimon Adventure with great expectation. Despite the awful ending, was a serie that I cared so much when child. And also, I was sick for a better ending as well.

This first movie/OVA was a great surprise, and made me fell in love again with these beloved characters. But wait... again or for the first time? Yes, for shure, they are no kids anymore, they are teenagers now, with brand new personalities, dreams and dilemmas. Taichi (or Tai) is no more the lighthearted and flustered leader, he's more responsable and rational now, and is terrified with the destruction that giant monsters can bring. Yes, bein heroic and fight the evil is not so easy when you are grown up, and I liked very much this new Tai. Yamato (or Matt) continue to be the heart of the group, always thinking in do good to others, a great exponent to the crest of friendship he carries. And is still the bad ass. Sora is no longer a tomboyish "need pretend to be strong" character, is more like a cartaker and it seems to be the glue that will keep the group together. Also, the movie draws a possible romantic triangle between her, Tai and Matt. Takeru (or TK) is no longer the whining brat and awful character, is more joyfull and a womanizer project. Mimi is back from a long stay in america, is not more the childish one of the group, is the extroverted happy-go-lucky that stole the spotlight. Izumi (Izzy) continues to be the great computer geek and genie of the group, but have showed a new facet when confronted with the brand new Mimi that activates his libido. Joe and Kari are overshadowed by the others, but are still great indeed. The first have a new dillema in his college aplication marathon and is seen more studiyind than doing other stuff, and the second one, well... continues to be Tai's atractive little sister. I hope she gets more screentime in the next movies, she was extremely important in the old shows .

As you can see, the story is more chacter driven and this is the great merit from this first installement, is presenting a nouveau regard over our old friends. As their bonds intesifies, their challenges seems to be greater then fight giant monsters. Speaking on that, yeah, they are back. And yes, we have also great action scenes and new misteries surrounding the Digiworld. The villaneous Digimon are stronger, and the old pet monster have a lot of work to do in the next chapters. Also, a new Digidestined is the house. What she will bring?

The animation is simply gorgeous. Toei is a studio that lost the good animation tram and keep the oldfashioned style managed to make a great job here. Also, the OST is back with the great old themes renewed and is simply outstanding.

So, Digimon Adventure Tri is a great work that is trully shot through the heart of the nostalgic fans. Presenting old friends in a new path, and putting them in a comming of age plot is an excellent ideia. The characters are the soul of a good story and Toei knows that. It's a love letter to the old fans and a great invitation to new ones. Digimon is more mature, more realistic, and a 100% awesome. Now that the adventure had evolved, I can't wait for more!