Jun 2, 2016
DragonSin29 (All reviews)
Magic Swordsman and Summoner is a great manga. The Fan service element mixes well with the story, romance, drama and action. Similar to Senran Kagura only the fan service was focused on the heroine's oppai(breasts).

Anywho, when i read this manga, it was amazing. The story really gets you hooked. So far there are a few plot twists and surprises that made me want to read this. The ecchi didn't distract me from the characters, drama and some slight RomCom feel.

The use of mythical figures and creatures from various cultures such as Ifrit, and Masamune, really got me. I am of course a cultural mythos/legend/fairy tail(tale) fan.

Character development so far, is somewhat good. It's nice to see that Magika Swordsman and Summoner is one of those manga which the fan service isn't the main factor for peaking interest.

It's also one of those mangas which you want to be adapted into an anime. I.E. UQHolder and Masamune-kun's Revenge.

One more not judge a manga by it's cover. I don't; however i refuse to read or watch anything anime/manga with shounen-ai, yaoi, or BL. My opinion is that those genres are focused at the female audience.

But any ecchi in a manga won't get in the way of the other elements. Such as Romance, Action, RomCom, Comedy, Yuri, Shoujo-ai, Supernatural and Horror, and Mahou Shoujo. As long as the mahou shoujo manga has a male factor. Makes it better than just all girls.

Bottom line, i really don't care THAT much about the fanservice in both anime and/or manga.