Jun 1, 2016
konakona495 (All reviews)
Tantei Opera Milky Holmes is a great title to detect people with alike mindset; if you stumble upon a favorite anime list with Milky Holmes included, it's generally a safe bet to try other high-rated titles there - similar mindset, simlilar taste that is.

And it's all because one can't really praise Milky Holmes for its story, art, sound or characters in particular.

The story mainly revolves around several cute magical girls who lost their powers due to a oppai villain and now fight to get them back.
You will have to grow extra fingers in order to count titles like that, right?
Art and sound are solid, but more moe had been seen before, even by J.C. Staff themselves.
Characters are amazing in their retard-o-meter level, but, once again, you could probably find something else somewhere else on the anime no-return path you currently follow.

So that's how we have quite low MAL ratings; logically speaking, they are logical.
But Milky Holmes is not about logic.

It's about enjoying sheer insanity and bizarre flight of mind, a rollecoaster that each serie of the first season is.

It's about enjoying your potatoes for breakfast, molding cats, exposed nipples, "don't call me Kokoro-chan" and such level of creativity that it puts Excel Saga to shame.

It's about the references; the most subtle ones which actually require some IQ (even though not as high as one of a certain character) and proper education to understand or an eagle eye to notice, and the most stupid ones, where you can unleash your inner Beavis and Butthead laugh.

It's about an eye candy, childish appearance with mature, sometimes borderline topics in almost each serie.

It's about the fact that yes, you could find similar characters elsewhere, but they won't have the vibe you look for. J.C. Staff did it again, you will never find another Osaka from Azumanga and you will never find another Sherlock Shellingford or Twenty from Milky Holmes.

It's about not paying attention to the low ratings; you know it's not a 7. It's not even a 10.
It's Milky Holmes out of 10. It's all about mindset, a similar mindset.

p.s. Bother less about the second season and don't bother at all about the rest; sadly, the team lost their Toys somewhere during that time and are yet to find them.