May 29, 2016
OtakuOne (All reviews)
Maga Tsuki! is a story about some girls falling in love with a perverted boy, this may sound so clichéd but wait until you hear this...

They are Goddesses.

Yes, I mean THOSE Goddesses, the one with the thing and lots of things? Yeah, THOSE.

Buuut... Their characteristics are pretty much the same like the characteristics of your typical harem characters; the tsundere, the dandere, unexpectedly, kamidere.

I'm kinda bored so I'll keep this brief and short.

Story - 6

Why, you ask? Well it's because it's your typical harem story! With Goddesses! It wasn't even interesting in the first place, yet, I just tried to endure the pain of reading this damn manga! I watch as more and more characters appear in the protagonist's lucky life.

Art - 8

The designs of the characters looks good and interesting, well, atleast the art is good.

Character - 6 +1 = 7

The perverted protagonist! The tsundere childhood friend! The dandere! The kamidere! The characters that support the harem candidates to win the protagonist's heart! +1 because they're Goddesses! Except for one though, the tsundere childhood friend.

Enjoyment - 5

I just wore a blank face as I read through the manga.

Overall - 6

It isn't good, but it isn't bad. It's only somewhere in the middle.

If you like a clichéd harem + ecchi story, then this manga is for you, if you don't, then leave. I'm just reading this since my friend reccommended this for me.