May 28, 2016
lianathebox (All reviews)
Note: I wrote a more in-depth review here-
MahouTsukai Precure is not particularly a deep or plot-centric anime. I guess it could be considered your typical magical girl series. However, that's not what I'm looking for in this series. I'm looking for a cute and enjoyable magical girl show, and I'd say this fits the bill. Some Precure fans dislike it because they say it doesn't live up to it's predecessor, and some do like it, but I can't judge it on that, as this is kind of my introduction to Precure and I can't say I'm disappointed. If you want a serious, deep mahou shoujo, then I recommend Princess Tutu or PMMM, but if you're a magical girl fan who wants an anime to pass the time, I'd say MahouTsukai is for you.