May 21, 2016
HumbertoZero (All reviews)
[No spoilers review]

While reading the first volume (the 2009 version) I found myself enjoying it, quite a lot.
The first time I read about this Strange Fake novel, it did not wake any interest in me, I mean, I did not find even the title very appealing at the moment, but I am glad that I did read it now because it is just a fantastic piece to read. I found myself wanting to read more, chapter after chapter, really interesting. I fell in love with it.

It’s to be noted that you should watch or read Fate/Zero or Heaven’s Feel before reading Strange Fake, not only to avoid spoilers but to understand better the concepts and catch all the references (there are references to Fate/Zero, FSN, and Fate/Apocrypha, among the ones I could catch)

I was hyped to read this because of Gilgamesh, I wanted to “see” him in action once again, and when he appeared it was awesome. I’m impatient to see how he develops in this Fake Holy Grail War.

There are moments of fun, suspense, drama, action, all of them mixed but at the same time very distinguishable throughout the chapters. A great amount of this war’s servants are really bizarre, and “strange”. They differ a lot from what we have previously seen in other wars. That itself is amazing, it gives this particular story a different feeling, a different setting, a different soul and that’s amazing. There were many moments when I thought to myself “hey, this novel is really living up to its ‘strange fake’ title… awesome”

To the current date, this became more than an April’s Fool joke, or a fake prologue to a “game” (I’m glad it did not become a game, I hate those stories in where YOU are the main character…that’s why I prefer LN, manga and anime over games/VN). In any case, the translation of the LN volumes is very slow (Currently 2 volumes are published, and I think not even the first volume is translated) and the manga seems to be translated further but not by that much compared to the novel.

Anyway, this was a GOOD read.

Story: 8
I enjoyed reading, I gave it complete attention, it entertained me, kept me wondering what was about to happen, and made me pass page after page. It looks like a dark story like Fate/Zero in terms of how dense the plot is, and those a great news!

Art: 8
Each art used was beautiful, I can't complain.

Character: 8
Both Servants and Masters seem to be very interesting. You have to read to understand, but I know they all have great stories, and hell, you will may even spot familiar faces.

Overall: 9
I enjoyed this so much, again, I'm glad this did not end as a joke, and by the time I'm writing this, it became a full real story being published in Light Novel format and Manga format. The problem is the translation jaja.