May 21, 2016
FarrelSal (All reviews)
What will happen after we die?

A question that were asked by many, but there isn't any valid answer to that question. Though in this manga, we are going to take a lighthearted look on the above subject matter.

Majime na Jikan follows a story about a girl who happen to die from getting hit by a car, the driver himself already dead because of a heart attack, leaving the car moving on its own, and then hit kazusa, who's happen to be in the wrong place and the wrong time.

As a result of that Kazusa, our main character became a ghost that can fly around, and then she noticed that we've actually been coexisting with ghosts (Or i should rather say spirits) for a long time. These spirits lives on earth just as human do, but rather on a different dimension. As the story progresses, Kazusa noticed that her mom is still bothered by the fact that her daughter is dead leaving that Kazusa cannot pass to the other side because of that. (Or so i thought)

Being only a 9 chapter manga, there isn't much that you can develop such as the characters. But i think they did a pretty decent job on wrapping up the whole story, and reached a suprisingly pleasant ending.

Overall, Majime na Jikan is a pretty fun ride, there's only 9 chapters so you could basically finished it in like 20 minutes. The art was good, the building and the background was so detailed, but there isn't anything that stands out. I will give this one a 7 out 10 for being a pretty fun read before bedtime.