May 18, 2016
GIF_with_a_J (All reviews)
The story is somewhat unique. At first it seems to be another copy-paste "Wake up in a game-type world with newfound power and a harem." type of story, but it takes a turn to a more comedic and parodied version, with the main character noting that the magic is annoyingly realistic and his hand still stings after punching people.
After a chapter of the main character walking around town and helping the heroine with her problems, the story takes a nosedive into another twist out of nowhere, with the MC and the heroine both dying horribly on the ground after finding the body of a shopkeeper.
Everything after this point is what I consider the best part of the story.
The MC struggles to find the source of his and the heroines untimely death by having to die over and over again while learning new things about his situation, and what he can do to stop it.
It all flows nicely, and you never feel left out with no idea whats going on.
Somehow, in this crazy point of the story, they still have time to mix in some comedy, which is why I love it so much.
I also have a sweet spot for the "revive after death but keep memories." type of story.

The art was very good.
The facial expressions of the characters are nice and simple so you can easily understand their emotions, but in a time of need, they can go to a good amount of detail to emphasize the raw anger and suffering they are currently going through. Even after a nice little chat, the detail put into the smiling faces just makes me want to smile as well.
The backgrounds didn't stand out to much. A majority of the story takes place in the middle of a city, so the background is usually just a bunch of buildings.

The characters is what really sells it.
Each and every character is completely different and shows a great deal of personality. Felt, the thief, is given a backstory of being a poor child living in the slums with no family besides Old Man Rom, and you can tell how deep their bonds go when you witness their death and reactions in the first few chapters.
The heroine comes off as a cold, honest individual but after spending some time with Subaru, the MC, her true, kind nature starts to show.
The antagonist has their motivation for what they do, and never seems to just do things for no reason.
Every single character reacts appropriately to events, down to the nobodies in the slums giving advice faster when Subaru looked worn-down.
It builds a great atmosphere and makes it all the better when it comes crashing down.

Because of all the great features of the characters, the detailed faces of suffering, and the compelling story, I personally feel like a enjoyed this manga way too much. It was just a wonderful time spent, with certain enjoyment every page turned.

And when you finish it, there happens to be a squeal, that does everything 10 times better.
9/10, amazing read. Worth every second of your time.