May 17, 2016
sheroze (All reviews)
Major the Ball of Friendship tells the story of the events that occur between season one and season two however, it takes place after Major S4 at the beginning and end although the majority of the movie is the flashback. That being said if you watch it after season 1 there are some minor spoilers that are shown about Goro's advancement in his baseball career but nothing major that ruins the series so it's your call on whether you want to watch it after S1 or S4.

I find that a lot of people that have seen the Major series have not seen this movie which is a shame because the quality of the movie stays consistent compared to the rest.

Here are a list of things you gain from watching this movie:
- Further character development for Goro
- A full understanding of what happened between S1 and S2
- A very hype series of games!

Overall it was a very enjoyable watch which is expected because it's Major. This movie is heavily underwatched around here so if you haven't already seen it and have watched the rest of the series, what the hell are you doing, go and watch it!