May 17, 2016
Wasshio (All reviews)
Hello everyone, here's your friendly and happy girl RedHero speaking, here to review this anime series that... I don't even know what to even give this show credit for. The only thing I can give this series credit for is the fact that its so terrible, that even calling this series the word "shit" is a prime insult to every shitty anime available in the same exact medium. It's a series that I wasn't really expecting it to be too bad, considering that not that many people complained except for a few friends of mine nearby, that have experienced it. I thought they were overreacting to the fact that the show is bad. I tried to even enjoy it, but in actual reality, its an entirely piece of atrocity. Trust me, if you go and watch this series and survive like me, you're a saint and have survived pure dosage of poison. No wait, even giving poison is being too generous to this series. This anime is the complete definition of Ebola level of shittery, if anything it would give the person, even your dog a heart attack.

So pretty much with this introduction I will go and start the review, but before that let me give you warnings:

This is going to be based on my personal opinion, if you actually like the series, I won't judge you on that manner, I just really personally can't see anything that have made me feel like liking the series or its just not my cup of tea.

The second warning, and the last warning, is that I will technically spoil and give brighter details about the show and why do I think this series is atrocious in its own way. And by that I will just focus on the story and the characters in a way. So if you don't want to get spoiled, I would suggest you to stay away from the review and watch the show yourself. If you don't want to, then read this review and don't touch the show at all.

Without further warnings, let's get started... please, let me survive this.


The story is pretty simple to explain. We pretty much got our main female protagonist, Misaki Kureha, going into this base or military station where she basically will go and become this military that will go and fight for the safety of the earth, by actually attacking these monsters called the "Ghouls". At the same time, there's a thing going around with the main protagonist, which is basically connected to her father and the base itself, and the incident that happened long time ago.

Basically the series is pretty much simple to explain with that, as the story goes to a backstory from Episode 2 to the finish line, considering that the first episode was basically a sort of apparent present timeline. I really don't know, things happened into the show that just brought in the present, and then onward towards the backstory.

Now, what are the bad things about the series, if you may ask? I will say... a lot more than I can imagine with it. There were a lot of shit that happened within the show that makes me feel sick as fuck about it, even I can admit any other shitty show would have bad writing, but those shows are masterpieces compared to this anime.

For starters, there's a lot of ways that really didn't worked from the beginning, mainly being the present timeline or the first episode. They tried to actually pull this for an introduction but instead, it just makes the writing feel and look like dogshit. Expecting to make me feel bad for an android just because she died from the apparent Shadow Ball from the Pokemon series, without me knowing two shits about her isn't a good idea. It just makes me feel cringe worthy throughout the entire show.

There were other things wrong with the writing aspect of the series, example being the contradicting logic that the show displays that its really noticeable.

For one example the Leader also known as the Black Ugly Man (thats what I will call him from now on, and Im sorry if I am being racist here) actually said in one of the episodes that he would want to save these girls from actual danger, so basically that's gonna be it, right? Wrong, he then said in another scene that he would want to protect the ship than helping the girls out. Isn't that really a very noticeable flaw here? You basically said that you will help the girls but then you suddenly don't want to because you want to protect the base. Either way, YOU WILL TECHNICALLY DIE REGARDLESS.

Another thing is that the Gray Hair girl, which was technically in charge of the cadets, really didn't knew how to act properly, she then ignores the fact that some of the girls are in danger, and then she realizes it after a few minutes, and even the girls were telling her this shit. That's really bad for a person in charge of the cadets do that type of stuff. That's really an example of how to not write a person in charge of her subordinates.

And another thing would be when the girls were going towards an apparent mall, and they disregard the fact that the ghoul would come out at any moment in the episode, and the before people tells me "But Red, maybe they didn't knew that the Ghoul would be coming towards the hologram city." They did told the girls that a Ghoul would be around at any moment. So what the fuck is this shit? It doesn't make any sense in terms of writing neither the execution. And even if they knew, they shouldn't be acting like nothing bad will happen either. They're basically retards.

Another issue is that there were major plot holes into the series that doesn't really make sense, causing me to actually lose my brain.

Example being that the girls were at training camp or area, trying to train their skills and experiences, but friendly reminder that in the previous episodes, they stated that the helmets that they use are for hallucinations and holograms of what they actually see. So, when they didn't had their helmets on, they can still see that shit and the funny thing is that there's no actual screen in that area. This doesn't make sense in the writing aspect of the show. How in the fucking hell can they see the trombones when they don't have their helmets on?

And here is my other problem with this as well. During one of the episodes, the girls were actually on a test regarding on the data passing with the helmets. They literally sent the girls to the outside of the base, disregarding the fact that they have the entrance of the ghouls halfway opened. And disregarding the fact that they also knew the Ghoul was coming made it worse on that aspect. Also, why in the fuck did they mentioned that the Ghouls that the show had were a hologram in that exact same episode? If that was the case, then they shouldn't have worried about the girls in the damn first place and rise up the over-dramatic scene, it makes it rather poorly executed and also that shows the example of poor writing. And if it wasn't a hologram, then they are complete retards because they ignored the fact that they had the entrance halfway opened and they knew that the entrance was halfway opened. And no, they didn't even tried to fix the stuff to begin with.

Also apparently the main male character introduced who saw the apparent robots scene has got to have his memories erased (as explained later on in the show, if either the person sees something that nobody else could see, and doesn't keep the promise, or quits the military, their memories are erased), so they basically putted the main male character to the state of deleting the memories of those events, which they then explained they will erase the memories from 2 years prior. But for some god damn reason, once they finished the entire process of deleting the memories of the main character, HE STILL REMEMBERS THESE EVENTS of the Robots and this shows that they contradicted what they just explained in the series later on. How in the fuck could he be able to remember this? How in the hell did he even survived that? It doesn't make sense at all. It just makes this a even bigger plot hole, especially when in one of the episodes later on after that they showed an example of what would happen if they breaks one of the two established rules.

Another issue the series has is that it really takes itself very seriously with the story department. Alright, before I go ahead and say this, many shows does the same thing, but at least those shows I've seen that are shit at least they are trying too hard in a way that it's entertaining as well, and its a good way to make the show somehow tolerable enough. For example, Mirai Nikki is a prime example of an edgy story telling, but its really bad in a way that it's entertaining due to the way it handles it, that it feels fun to watch. It's a good idea for the anime because while it would be considered bad, I do say that it's bad that it's entertaining to watch from my end.

This show however takes itself too seriously, to the point where it leads to awful portrayed drama, a poorly executed plot because of the plot points not being explained at all, and along with the sense of braindead logic as well, terrible pull for fanservice, and more.

Especially when the information dumping and the story as a whole is written by a 2 year-old manchild who's basically starting his/her career for writing stories. It's awful in a way that I really cannot comprehend the logic into the show, and the sense of trying to even understand the show with such poorly handled aspects.

As for the drama I will say this is by far the worst drama I have ever seen, that even Charlotte is better than this series in a way. They go to this single-handed over dramatic tension where it feels like the characters aren't being dramatic naturally, it just feels forced as hell and it really isn't a good way to make someone feel bad for the character. For example, in one of the few episodes, they dedicate the entire episode forcing on people's throats on this drama about the main character's struggles, but I really can't take the drama when the show's drama is being rekt by calming atmosphere all of the sudden, and then in the other episodes, the drama feels overly forced just because of a terrible incident, that even I cringed over the fact that the main female character is over dramatizing everything.

The comedy scenes and the serious scenes do not work together as explained previously with the entire taking itself seriously here. The show in itself with the comedy jokes and the slice of life areas, along with the serious moments being executed falls rather flat and rather breaking itself more every way. It doesn't work because you cannot just put a joke during a serious moment.

Finally here comes the best part of the series. The over-sexualized as hell, overly-portrayed fanservice in every place of the anime series. I thought the ecchi/harem genres would be just bad in a sense, but this went on a whole new level of fanservice out of place. In comparison to every other LN with the ecchi/harem genre, these are masterpieces compared to this shit. The fanservice are so out of place more than that, and it just takes away every little tension and seriousness this series would have. Every single second of it is full of blatantly placed fanservices. And before you guys say "But Red it's suppose to be an ecchi series, what do you expect?" Friendly reminder that this series does not have the ecchi tag, so that shit is completely invalid from my end. And it wouldn't be too bad if they haven't place them on. At least in ecchi/harems you already know its going to have SOME ecchi, this doesn't.

In the end, the story is one of the few aspects I covered that were bad, there's more to it, but in short, the story department is one of the worst aspects of the show, with no sense of logical thinking, with a lot of contradictions to what they say, towards the try-hard presentation of themes, the comedy being completely unfunny and cringe worthy, at the same time out of place, plot-hole fest, retarded writing that even calling it retarded writing is being too generous to this, fanservice all over the place like no tomorrow, and an insult even towards the mecha genre.


Oh boy, this will be a little bit short, but at the same time I have a lot of things to talk about this department.

This is where the shit makes itself even shittier, with bland, uninteresting, unrealistic, unrelatable, completely idiotic characters, to the peak where I have never thought seeing terrible characters in such a very awful manner.

All of these characters, and including the main female character and its supporting characters, are all one-dimensional, unrealistic and pretty much retarded characters I have ever seen, that even other series can handle retardation to an extent.

Just like on the story department explained, I did clarified that the characters are pretty much idiotic in their own brains that they can't even think for themselves or even think of a better idea to even give an order. But there is more to that just being idiotic, there are loads of issues that makes me pretty much cringe worthy.

The main female character, Misaki Kureha, is by far one of the most unrelatable characters I have ever seen, but not only that, but one of the most over-dramatic, under-developed, and at the same time one of the most unrealistic characters I can even imagine. Her character is a prime example of how to not write a main protagonist, by making her extremely untolerable and outright contagiously ignorant, and then forcing the backstory just to make the audience feel sympathy towards her. Thats not how you write a character or make me feel bad for her in any type of fiction or literature. For me to feel bad for her you have to make me like her first, and this fails phase 1 of what the series is trying to do. The backstory seems forced that in the end it became useless because she never really develops from it, neither after the scene in episode 10 at all. It feels unrealistic and poorly done of a character, that I just can't really mention anymore of here.

Next we have the one and only Luxandra, also known as the plot device of the entire show. She had no type of character development whatsoever that she's basically used as a doll to give the character some development, but in the end all she was used for was to cause this over-dramatic scene that it feels just as cringey as the 50 Shades of Grey drama.

Next we have Suzanna, also used as a plot device in a sense, because she was basically used just to reveal this apparent backstory or reveal that Kureha's memories cannot be erased, by obviously erasing Suzanna's memories as a way or portraying or showing an example, and this caused the contradiction of the main male character's memories being apparently erased began.

Lastly we have the girl who was literally used as a plot device to cause some havoc in one of the episodes, Kotoko, the Kotoko class android. This character was nothing more than a empty shell of a human body, used as a plot convenience in order to cause a problem and unneeded drama around the show.

Also another one, supporting characters wise, I will note a few that really are either useless or just basically retarded.

The main male character also known as Bernard, has got to be one of the pussiest and useless male characters I have ever seen any form of fiction, because he's basically used as a plot device as well, just to basically drive the main female character into this plot convenient narrative and a plot convenient progression in order of in the end, being killed by the fucking sassy fucker. He was useless because he never really helped much into the issue, and it was worse when he was foreshadowed as the bad guy when in the end he's just basically fodderized by a bigger fodder. It's just awful.

The Big tits girl that I don't remember is only used as a character to basically help the sassy fucker, and sassy fucker pretty much does nothing but to drag the entire show into such awful theme exploration.

In short, these are basically one of the worst cast of characters that I have ever seen, and they're really this retarded in a sense that they contradict, are useless, most of them are basic plot devices, and nothing more than that.


Ever heard of the time when you have your first project, and it has to do with basic power point presentations and just copy and paste the entire shit and the pictures included, and adding slideshows to make it look neat and clean? This is the entire show's art and animation quality.

The Art and Animation Quality looks really bad for the base of the decade that it was basically airing, and it looks very pale, shadings are out of place, and at the same time the art color palettes are weak and lazily done as hell.

The polishing for the artwork is not noticeable, the artstyle looks pretty badly standard but then it looks so unnatural, and it looks like the basic definition of the color poop.

The characters are just basically looking like walking sticks in the worst way possible, and at the same time what makes this shit worse, is the CGI.

Actually, CGI shouldn't be described for this series, they're just your stereotypical plastic toys that the kids can buy in an old shop, even the movements are like based out of toy models. It's so stale, and so choppy as well, especially with the Ghouls. But the Ghouls are basically worse because they look horrible as fuck, that it gives me basic nightmares. Hell, Chaos Dragon's or AntiMagic's CGI are fucking masterpieces compared to this shit's CGI, at least they don't look so horrific to the point that I wanna commit seppuku.

And as for the animation, pretty choppy, awful, and badly directed. It's just your bad animations smoking cocaine and lost their eyesight basically, making this seem more like a laughing stock instead. Except it wasn't a laughing stock for me because I cringed at the animation quality.

And I know the next excuse for this. "But Red, this looks so god damn old, why are you bashing an old show base upon the artstyle?" Friendly reminder as well, that this series was made in 2003-2005. And this is coming from the same studio that made the most critically acclaimed good show on their lineup, Haibane Renmei. That show was made in fucking 2002, and that show looks so well appealing and well designed than this series. So that excuse is technically weak in that sense, not to mention that in that decade a lot of series started to look more appealing than this.

In the end I don't really have much to say here, in the end its a poorly cheap animated series, with shitty CGI, and a lot of shitty animation directing.

Music/Sound/Voice Acting:

I will say this in short for every single one of these things to keep this thing short. Every single one of these things are cringe worthy, untolerable, unfitting, or just unmemorable.

The music is just so out of place that it really makes me wanna go and hit on the person that composed the music, because it was so horribly made and so badly composed that my ears were getting a massive shoving rape dose on, and then as for the sound effects it just makes me bleed of course.

The voice acting in the Japanese dub isn't really too bad, but its not really noted as memorable or noticeable, although, I did watched one of the episodes dubbed, and seriously, this is by far the worst dub I have ever heard in my entire life. It even beats Mirai Nikki or Aldnoah Zero's dub in comparison, and that's saying something. It's cringe worthy to the soul and I didn't bothered watching more of it dubbed afterwards.


The only enjoyment I got was the fact that I will say from experience, I letted my friend enjoy the daily dose of entertainment, just because he was watching Mayoiga (by the time of this review) in return for me. That was the only enjoyment I got, letting the other person hear my cries and screams because I wanted to see him react to Mayoiga. Aside from some of the times of reactions, the times where I was alone I was crying my eyes out every single way, in every single god damn episode. It really doesn't happen a lot, it made me cringe so bad that it felt like I was dying on the insides, everything was basically like a broken piano for me, every little bit of it was atrociously made, that I can't recommend this even to my worst enemy.


This is by far the worst piece of dogshit I have ever witnessed as an anime watcher. It's so shit, that even giving the show's label as shit is being too generous at the end of the day.

At least Mirai Nikki even though it was bad, it was highly entertaining.

At least Diabolik Lovers was just shit but it wasn't too bad when you think about the time that you're wasting.

At least Green Green was bad but it knew that it was basically retarded.

At least Aldnoah.Zero and Sword Art Online had better writing than this.

At least even Mars of Destruction and Skelter Heaven were abysmal, but they were just OVAs.


At least every single shitty anime available is better than this fucking piece of shit of an anime, that its the definition of everything bad in anime incarnated. Trust me, it's really that bad, even Boku no Pico can be better than this trash heep.

In the end, if you wanna see how bad it is and see the actual poison it can give you, go and check it out. But if you survive this shit, you deserve a fucking medal for this one.

In the end, I give this series a fucking 0/10, I despise it with a passion, and I declare it as one of the most dogshit animes I have ever seen in my entire life, if anything, THE WORST IN ITS MEDIUM.