May 16, 2016
ryuu_no_yoake (All reviews)
I have to say this manga is like none I have read so far. And it's really, really good in my opinion.

The setting might seem typical shounen ai at a first glance - high school boys dealing with their feelings for each other - but it is not. There are two main characters with alternating point of views: one struggling to understand his sexual orientation and to find a way to be genuine both towards his friends and towards himself, the other that discovers his classmate's secret and slowly observes and comes to understand and appreciate him.

There are no clichés here, it's truly an original slice of life manga, focused on self-discovery and growth. I must confess I have no idea in which direction things will go, if it will finally be focused on an adolescent's rite of passage towards adulthood and emotional and sexual self-awareness, if it will be about friendship or it it will shift more towards romance. With the six chapters I have read so far all these possibilities are still wide open and that's all the more exciting.

The characters are all interesting and have depth. There is a lot of dialogue and I believe the author tries her best to treat the subject seriously and to project the character's inner feelings onto the reader, mainly through conversations. The art work is good, a hell of an improvement from some of the author's earlier mangas, so kudos to her in that department.

I myself gave it a 9 because I am extremely picky, but on my global scale of manga a 9 is truly what it's supposed to be: great. I might even go higher depending on how it develops, given that it's still publishing.

I wholeheartedly recommend people who think they might find it interesting to give it a shot. There is another good review for this already, but I felt like leaving my own input just to give people another point of view on it and thus maybe encourage more readers to pick it up, it truly is worth it, it really was a pleasant discovery for me.