May 15, 2016
Paraturtle (All reviews)
As it's an OVA for the second season, I expected it to be as absurd as I wrote in my S2 review. It's a lot of nonsense that isn't particularly funny, just mind-boggling. It, quite literally, could be tagged as 'dementia' if anyone felt like doing so.

So, since the story here is basically me saying, "Is this funny?" or not, and since it's just a comedy, the only thing that particularly matters is whether it actually is funny, I gotta go with mostly a 'no' here. Unlike the second season, which is 12 episodes, this only has 1 to really get anyone laughing, and so it's a bit of a sour note to end on. The absurdity isn't used as the comedy, it's just used as a state of being.

Same as the previous 2 reviews (which, for the most part, is what each section is). It's decent, works for what it is, but is a little more grotesque in this one. It doesn't really fit the comedic tone, but since I'd argue the tone os more dementia than comedy here, I suppose it actually DOES fit the tone. But I digress.

Good enough. Does its job. Nothing to be upset about.

Again, no character. There was some character for the first season, the character was thrown out the window for the second, and this final piece lacks any sense of definition in regards to anyone's character.

Boring, but 3 minutes, so I don't really care.

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