Dec 30, 2009
ManU-Alchemist (All reviews)
When you have two rival clans that hate the living guts out of each other your bound to get a blood spilling manga, and that's exactly what Basilisk is. The Iga and Kouga clan are the two clans that take their differences to the battlefield in this exciting manga.

First of all I basically told you the story plots in my introduction. Other than the fact that these two clans fight to the death to see who would become the new shogun of Japan there's isn't much to the story. It sticks to this all the way untill the finish of the manga.

Art is very good. It's a manga that makes you visualize every fight scene and it makes it look great. The artwork is very realistic and it feels like your watching the anime and not reading the manga.

Now to my favorite part of this manga, the characters. Every character is so special and different from the rest. There are twenty main characters. Ten from Kouga and ten from Iga. You will like at least one of them by the end of the manga. Every character shows different feeling to different things and every one of them has a special power that you can't wait to see. My personal favorite character was Kisaragi Saemon.

This manga was very enjoyable. I was able to finish it in about two hours. It isn't too long so anyone that is looking for a nice quick read and is a fan of ninjas and Japanese history should read this manga.