May 13, 2016
nanakox21 (All reviews)
NOTE: This MAY contain spoilers!

Story 6/10: There's a lot of action and fighting scenes for the characters on their quest to search for divine gate who wishes to change their past. It was okay, but there are times where it seems that they have dragged on for too long.

Characters 7/10: There was a lot of characters that are introduced in the series. They have cool powers called "Drivers" & they are based on the elements (like Earth, Fire & Water). Akane is honest and straight-forward. His Driver is the power of FIRE. Aoto is very distant and monotone. His driver involves the power of WATER. Midori is very cheerful and happy. Her driver has the power of WIND. There are also some references to the medieval timeline & fairy tales (i.e.: Shakespeare, King Arthur & Lancelot, Loki & Oz -- who I'm pretty sure is has a contemporary look/reference to the Wizard of Oz). There was a really cool character development on the main characters that explores their past & reasons of going to the Divine Gate.

Overall enjoyment 6/10: As I said previously, a lot can happen in 12 episodes! I enjoyed watching it. It was ok. I just don't like seeing the good guys dying. I hope there is a season 2 that can let us continue seeing the characters grow and see their fates afterwards. There's a lot of sad moments and action scenes that makes you shocked but wanting to continue finishing the series.