May 10, 2016
Cishet (All reviews)

Note that I'll use [] to put something that could be an spoiler, though I won't reveal major plot parts.

From the same dude who did Mahou Shoujo of the End (a godawful story), here comes Mahou Shoujo Site, a somewhat linked manga.
This is actually a big improvement after that shitty manga. It's still bad, though.

███STORY ███

Mahou Shoujo Site is like that kid from your class who tries hard to be edgy, but fails miserably. It constantly introduces shocking elements to make you think how dark and depressing everything is, but it barely manages to impress you when those resources have already been used somewhere else, or are clearly over exaggerated. [How am I supposed to take seriously a middle-school girl who had kidnapped an old man just for the sake of torturing him everyday for years?] Futhermore, characters take killing WAAAAAAY too lightly. I mean, c'mon. At least worry about getting arrested for murder.

Aside from that, the turn out of events goes in good direction most of the time. I'm not exclaiming "what a coincidence!" every page, and the mystery involving the Mahou Shoujo Site is actually interesting. Futhermore, is actually nice to see how the girls deal with the problems that the plot gives.
Sadly, everything loses its shine when the story constantly uses cliches, asspulls and the characters grow a plot armor. Srly, that girl should be dead FOR YEARS for overusing the sticks.


Though the characters are generally bland and one dimensional, the main characters has, surprisingly, a good development. She actually manages to do something for herself instead of crying in front of her bully. Aya is not a 10/10 written character, but she isn't bad.

Then we had Yatsumura. I like her, and even so I know that she's too unrealistic. Remember when I said that characters took killing way too lightly? Well, she's the embodiment of that. She wasn't that bad at the beginning, but then the author had the brilliant idea of giving her a dark secret. The good thing is that she has good chemistry with Aya, so they do a somewhat likable duo.

Finally we have Kaname. Kaname is a walking edgelord who does evil because I'm better than you. If he had a theme song, I'm sure it would be something from Linkin Park. Seriously, what is stopping this guy from killing his family? At least he makes funny faces for reactions.

The rest of the cast is so one dimensional that I can summarize them in one word: the emo, the bully, the transgender, the rich, the samurai, the idol, the busty. Probably they're exactly like what you imagined.


Not unpleasant to the eyes, but needs to improve.


Actually fun to read. The pacing is good and the plot constantly goes forward. But you won't enjoy this if you don't tolerate stupidity.


A bad manga which is fine for casual reading if you are searching just for enjoyment and not an actual deep story.
If you like dark stuff for the sake of being dark, you'll like this (probably). It's like the kind of stuff that girls who call themselves "yanderes" would read.