May 9, 2016
LegendAqua (All reviews)
So after G, LA wanted more from this series, did GX outdo G, or did it go back to the first season shenanigans?.

GX left off from G introducing us to some new villains, by the name of Carol voiced by ''Inori Minase'' and her four "dolls".

In terms of characters, LA will say that for the main cast up to G, the main cast do get their own episodes to develop them (as well as their interactions between them), with special regards going to Hibiki's and Tsubasa's parental problems being dealt with. Shirabe and Kirika relational development goes full out yuri undertones as well as their misunderstandings from that gets addressed further, while Maria goes through her hangups of her sins (like Chris did in G) she did in G and finally Chris' development as trying to protect Shirabe and Kirika, overall for the hero side things, it feels like many of the character developments gets swapped around with other characters (besides Hibiki's and Tsubasa's anyways).

The villains however there are only one to really focus on that being Carol and her motivations, it's explained however it "nearly" went into a mess, if not it could have been handled a bit better, the four dolls LA mentioned before however are nothing but plot devices to move the plot forward. Overall in terms of characters, interactions and development, if you wanted more growth from the main Symphogear cast then GX delivers.

In terms of animation, once again helmed by Satelight, LA will say for the most part, the battle pieces were even higher detail than G (and all the more bombastically batshit insane at times), LA however did some rare facial derps/body anatomy quality dips here and there but LA can ignore it as it's still "rare".

The music once can get HUGE props for this season, from all the singer/voice actors of the Symphogears did an outrageously great job for their character portrayals and battle OST singing (those once again being Aoi Yuuki, Nana Mizuki, Ayahi Takagaki, Yoshino Nanjo, Ai Kayano, Yoko Hisaka and the newly added Inori Minase) where to the point LA saw the battle OST of this season being the best of the entire series, the new OP ''Exterminate'' sung by Nana Mizuki is a personal favourite in terms of musical score, however LA will say that G's ''Vitalization'' has a special spot for LA still, Exterminate is at best at 2nd in terms for openings, the battle OST's overall considering which character you like or the style of music, the OST is stellar and expected of this series.

Now onto the technical features of this season, in terms of plot twists, considering how much faster pace this season brings forth much more than G did, the plot twists just comes outta nowhere including an old villain coming back and just ruining LA's day, LA "gets" the the plot twist and these kind of twists are something of a staple in the Symphogear series, but it really does goes from either "too convenient" to outright "batshit crazy YOU just HAVE to accept it".

Because of the fast pacing however LA will note that although LA really likes the further development of the main cast, some of the characters' development gets done pretty quickly not even giving LA time to breathe from certain character developments, those being Tsubasa's and Hibiki's issues getting resolved just like that. Chris however gets some pretty jumpy character development and a lack of focus at times. The other new character that got introduced to GX Elfnein voiced by ''Misaki Kuno'', however gets good character development and somewhat predictable plot twists involving her but she becomes her own character nonetheless.

LA will point out that the newer "gimmick" to this season that being the Ignite Module did bring us a new transformation that is oddly reminiscent of Maria, Shirabe and Kirkia's previous Symphogear color palette just more sharper and the "use" for the Ignite Module becomes rather predictable as to what Carol is planning, but nonetheless it brings up lore that was mentioned back in the first season and LA will praise this little feature for actually having a purpose other than moving the plot (and instead giving us something of character evolution for the Symphogear main cast).

Now the fanservice is even more rampant more than G, with just more full body nudity to boob bounces, it however is nothing to rage about as although the fanservice is as rampant as ever it's still rare and isn't the primary focus.

The battle scenes however LA will be completely honest, that almost all the battle set pieces are UP TO AN ELEVEN from G, perfect example is the first episode of this season and the final battle set piece.

The ending by all means blew LA away with an even more bombastic final battle than G's and did a nice epilogue of every character, in which they resolved EVERY plotline of this season, LA was once again satisfied with this ending although the little plot twist with Elfnein did surprise LA.

So LA posed a question at the start of this review, is this season gonna surpass G's or be like the inconsistent mess of the first season, well...with all the nitpicking and praising LA had with this season. LA enjoyed this season more than the first season but only misses out of the best season of this series to G with some of the negatives LA pointed out, however if it not for this season's ending it could have gotten to be like the first season's or worse. GX is an enjoyable bombastic, musically charged season bringing in both the flaws and strengths of the previous two seasons and ultimately succeeding in giving us another welcoming installment to the Symphogear series.

LA can't wait the fourth and fifth season~!!!