May 7, 2016
BradleySixten (All reviews)
- Grappler Baki -

Let's review the 1994 OVA titled "Grappler Baki: The Ultimate Fighter".

Welcome to the random world of Baki the Grappler.. where and what is going on in terms of development? Your guess is as good as mine. This OVA throws you right into the action with no explanation. Having viewed the English dub of the OVA I can say.. DON'T. I think most people that wish to go back and watch this will enjoy it much more in Japanese. The 90's was a brilliant time for many things.. you name it: Music, Sports, and even Entertainment. Falling into the entertainment category is anime. Along throughout the 90's we received the not so notorious OVA for Grappler Baki. I want to start and say I'm a huge fan of the TV Series for Grappler Baki. Having watched this after the TV series was a huge help. This OVA throws you right into the action like I said. It's setting is based around the Tournament arc. For fans of the franchise this is brilliant. I'm quite happy to see all characters in place and acting out as they should. Nothing seemed outta place with this OVA. THANKFULLY. Not much is explained about the story but the setting is right. Story: 5. The animation is old school of course and quite fluid (but don't take my animation review serious animators) I know not much about the ways of animating. I like what I see and in my eyes that is all that matters. Animation: 8. What would be any anime wouldn't the soundtrack? Sound is everything! Captivating ones emotion and deliver the correct feeling at the right time and truly make or break a show. Specially more serious toned shows. The soundtrack will probably differ in both English and Japanese versions. The English version: Suitable to say the least. Sound: 5. Moving on let's talk actual characters.. A LOT OF DEVELOPMENT GOING ON HERE. Let me say that is sarcasm.. be it this is text form I don't know how many of you could pick that up. In all seriousness Grappler Baki is a strict fighting show. It's known for it's gruesome yet intensifying fights. Be it characters like Shinogi, Kosho the cord cutter or protagonist Hanma, Baki. Each character is brutal and delivers that pump when fighting. The OVA set itself up nicely.. and even if you haven't seen the TV series or read Grappler Baki I believe you will find yourself enjoying the characters and design. Character: 6. Now boiling down to the final bits of this overly extended review due to me being completely bored one night. Come say hello on my page if you read this. Let's now talk enjoyment however.. This anime is FIGHTING. If you like fighting animes that focus on the fighting ONLY.. You will enjoy. I fell in love with Grappler Baki for it's style and unique approach. It truly does offer something unlike any other in the anime world. Enjoyment: 7.

That wraps in my review of Grappler Baki: The Ultimate Fighter. Thanks for reading and for the overall score I give this a: 6.

It's a good watch. Don't pass it up.