May 5, 2016
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Well, this was kinda suprise for a job offer, being an representative to being send out to investigate habitable planets, and ordered not giving a crap about the inhabitants since well....... EVERYTHING TO SERVE THE COMPANY RIGHT?????????
No !!!!!! if u have little experience in dealing with stuff and the main charachter being a bit of an airhead, this ova is quite comical, with a dark twist in the end i never expected.
The art and animation is def. oldskool, gritty, taperecorded and everything, not too proffesional tey gave a little kiddo touch to it , except to the local people of the planet ( oh ideas man where have they went since 2003) and its something you maybe have to get used to.
For and short ova that mostly revolved around a young business-planet representitive and a young humanoid girl with the locals fighing it out its pretty funny and adventurous at the same time wich make more sense when more is clear about who lives on the planet, developing into something that could made a serie out of it i mean just the potential you bastards!!!!
The studio that made this took a bite out of the OVA cake since a lot of it was influenced by 1980's futuristic anime, you gotta love it, oh and Robot companions ( just 1 in this case) they always give a feeling of security even when the carachter is a bum but occasionaly for being an airhead can use its head!!only in heated moments.
This was more like a straight up anime that din't go into starmaps, spacebattles , alien invasions or anything that was time consuming ( yeah deadline alright) but i for the most part enjoyed it, even for the just 1 female charachter, i could go with it and the purpose of the locals well.... just watch it.
Overall i enjoyed it for what it was but more could be pulled out of it to be fair