Dec 28, 2009
Feinei (All reviews)
Before i start my review i would like to point out i have actually never played the game and in my personal opinion you don't need to have played the game to understand what the series is about.

The story is a nice character meet-up episode ,it's like those special episodes or scenes that come after the anime's end showing us what happened after. It's nothing too big or special but it is highly needed as leaving us in the dark would make us wonder what happened and even drive some people to hate the series.

It has the typical art,nothing extremely nice but it's not bad either,I was thinking of giving it an 8 but the battle scene was pretty well done so im giving it a 9.

I'm not that fond of anime soundtracks i usually just love/hate the opening/ending and ignore the rest but this is where .hack differs,it's music is just astounding and specially "Dwindled Bible" I'm giving it a 10 for music due to it being very well made and brings sparks of emotion into the scene.

We get to see alot of the old faces we didn't see in Trilogy ,I don't want to spoil out who we see so ill just say its nice to see alot of the characters returning.There is also some character development betwean Haseo and what seems to be almost all the girls around him.

I loved this episode it's amazing but im only giving it a 9 because im not a big fan of the short stuff,one 25 min OVA episode isn't enouth to please me completely :P

A good episode,we get to see a little bit of action ,character development and the likes. A nice watch for most and a must for .hack fans