May 4, 2016
Rearly (All reviews)
To start with, my dear friend recommended this to me and I am grateful to her because this is one of the best manga that I have read. Why I said so?

It is because......
1. I love animals
2. I like the way it is drawn
3. It offers unlimited cuteness and enjoyment
4. I really do love how the characters are presented
5. I love how the author connect the story and the characters
6. The nukos are so Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!
7. I do admire the atmosphere and genre of the manga
8. The nukos are very adorable and I really want to have one!!
9. I appreciate the different characteristics of the characters and their behaviors
And Finally
10. It makes me smile and laugh while reading every chapters

The only thing that I do not love is that it is SHORT!!! It just consist of almost 9 pages every chapter Oh man! But on the brighter side, even though each chapters is short it does not stop the enjoyment and cuteness overload that this manga offers. I love almost all of the things that this manga have and because of this I wish that nukos are real and they are available in every pet shop because I would definitely buy them even they are expensive!!

I really do think that my review is not enough to describe this specially cute manga so it is up to you to read it and I really do hope that this will get an anime adaptation because I will definitely without any hesitation watch it!!

Special thanks to:
- To the author who wrote this manga Thank You So Much!!
- To my friend who introduced this to me I Love You!!
- And to the wifi and to my beloved cellphone for staying strong and bearing with me while I read this manga