May 3, 2016
JackYagami (All reviews)
Let's keep it simple.

The game genre is all over the place over the last few years, it keeps attracting views, no matter how bad is the concept since it's pretty simple: we are stuck in a videogame. So it was obvious that KonoSuba would be as popular as it was.

Was it good? In short, yes. But it has it flaws


Don't expect a rich story in KonoSuba.
You are trapped -> Gain money -> Level Up -> Defeat the demon King
And you are... kinda stuck in steps 2 and 3 in KonoSuba
The pacing is ok, being a 10 episode show, except for a few elements in the last episodes where we miss some characters and some events. God knows why the studio took such decision, but to be honest I wasn't attracted to the story at all. What really dragged me in was...


I was surprised that Kazuma wasn't a OP character such as Kirito, or a master strategist like Shigure from Log Horizon. He is the reason why this show keeps shining and makes you simpatize with him in every episode. He is funny, perceptive, and the one with the most amazing skill in the game: common sense. He is the mastermind behind the show making his comments and rants the main reason why KonoSuba is what it is.

Now the rest of the party are ok. Megumin (yes, that's her name) is a unique character in the mage department, being able of only doing one spell per day thus making her the target of some of the funniest moments in the series. Darkness (*sight*... she's not even black) is a masochist and she doesn't land a single hit, being useless as a tank... kinda. I was tired of her since what she says doest's strike you as funny after hearing it a couple of times.

And Aqua... she's the reason I almost drop the show. At the beginning her arrogance makes her funny but after that she becomes a total b**h. Only caring about money, insulting Kazuma in a derrogative way and of course boastering about being a goddess with the power of, you guessed it, water. But she hurts more than she helps and just keeps getting on my nerves instead of making me laugh. Easily the worst part of the series.


Being a fanservice show, KonoSuba has a fanservice style. Starting with Aqua's perfect butt to the breasts of the guild manager and all the jiggly physics you would expect in a show like this. The animations of the skills are really good like Megumin's spell and the battles look the part. So KonoSuba doesn't flaw in the art deparment.


Huh? This show had a soundtrack? Nothing memorable... besides I kept skipping the ending since doesn't match the show AT ALL

Final Veredict:

Being shorter than most anime KonoSuba is good anime to watch if you want a quick relief of heavy series like Monogatari. The jokes are funny, the rants are hilariuous and Megumin is adorable. It's light story, fanservice and comedic approach to the game genre will please all viewers but, in my opinion, will leave them with the desire for more... but hey, a second season was green lighted as soon as the anime finished. Just hoping that Aque becomes less annoying by then