May 2, 2016
ChrisAlex (All reviews)
I personally think that the second season is better than the first one. Many things were improved and I got addicted to the show. So:

STORY: 8/10
The simplicity remains, same for the cuteness, the comedy, the slice of life feeling and the sweet romance. What differs in this season is the events, which are more interesting and intriguing. There is a hint of amusing action now as well. Everything about the plot was really great IMO.

ART: 9-9.5/10
Nothing changed from the previous season, everything and everyone is a pure beauty still.

SOUND: 8/10
Nothing really changed here as well, the score remains really good and a perfect fit for the anime's nature.

The great characters remained, and became even better. This time we got an even better characterization for some supporting characters and the main cast shone more through the energetic events they faced and due to having some backstories revealed about them. These backstories actually explained some things about their current way of living and behaving. Due to that, I was able to love them, because each one got a unique emotional pallet and a trademark, and the result was excellent.

All the features that made me enjoy the previous season weren't absent from this one at all. But some extra suspence and the flawless characterization added something more, something more capturing and addictive. I can now say that if there's gonna be a third season (I SO HOPE FOR THAT *-*) I won't treat this show as a way to spend my spare time, because now we have a great basis for a great evolution in a really entertaining story and it has become a must for me. Since the manga is still coming out and since there are still questions to be answered, I can only wait and hope that Studio Bones will announce a third season.

OVERALL: 8.5-9/10
Beautiful, relaxing, light, simple but solid, interesting, funny, intriguing, upcatching and all the other adjectives I used in order to describe the second season but the whole Akagami no Shirayuki-hime franchise as well, make this season, and the whole anime in the end, deserve such a high score and a place in my heart.