May 1, 2016
shizaman (All reviews)
Ah, Saiki Kusuo... The eternal underrated of Shonen Jump of recent years... So much so it hasn't any review at the time I'm writing this first one, four years after it began serialization in Japan's most known shonen manga magazine. Also keep in mind that since four long years, it has no anime series (the shitty flash ONA doesn't count) while other series like Assassination Classroom or My Hero Academia already have their anime, and there are only 33 translated chapters while there are like 200 chapters currently.

This is a manga focused around a boy named Saiki Kusuo (obviously pun on “saikiku(suo)” (psychic) that has overwhelming supernatural powers of all kinds. In fact, he claims that he could conquer the world in a jiffy if he pleased.
But Saiki only wants to live a quiet and normal life, as he does everything possible to not stand out.

At first look it won't call your attention since the drawing style and the volume covers are simple to the utmost. So what are its strengths? Well, it's really funny, simply. In every chapter (almost all are autoconclusive) Saiki gets involved in some absurd situations that absurdly bother him, so that he have to get out of them. Despite repeating the same formula the whole time, well, it works. You could even say that becomes even funnier with time. Breaking of the fourth wall and other mangas references are something habitual in this manga. In fact there is a chapter which is a constant breaking of the fourth wall, in which all manga's topics and clichés are mercilessly satirized. Actually the author satirizes lots of stuff, which is one of this manga's strong points. But in my opinion the best thing about this manga is its main character itself. Saiki's rough replies and comments are just so fucking hilarious, seriously.
Also the supporting characters are hilarious, and they are who cause those rough replies almost always. Among them we have, for example:
Nendou Riki, some kind of foolish thug, who is always with Saiki just because he is so stupid so Saiki can't read his mind
Shun Kaidou, a guy who thinks he is the main character of some anime (he has chuunibyou) and imho the funniest one of the supporting cast
Kineshi Hairo, the typical spokon protagonist, you know, like he is always enthusiastic and shit
Saiki's parents, ones of the most stupid characters and also ones of the most hilarious ones.

As I mentioned, the author's drawing style is rather fair. I mean, it's not bad, it's just functional, and it works for a gag manga.

To end with, I recommend you this manga if you like Gintama or One Punch-Man's type of humor. In fact, Saiki Kusuo has many similarities with Gintama. Both have very similar drawing style and humor style. And also both have the same autoconclusive chapters formula. Saiki Kusuo has no serious arcs nor fights, though (at least to date)