Apr 29, 2016
Cyborg_Dragon (All reviews)
I watched this show when it was simulcasted and have been too busy with other things than to be writing a review for this. I would like to state this show is pretty much a waste of time to watch. if you have seen a trailer it might look pretty animation wise but does not cover the hot mess this show is.

Story 2/10

The first two episode where ok story wise but what followed those two episode where the following problems. The only story the viewer are interested in after watching the first two episodes is the story of Aoto. However they decided to mike in a load of subplots and introduce a load of characters over the course of the ten episodes that follow. Other problems include pacing that was extremely fast and loads of flashbacks that don't help the viewer understand the characters better but only make things more confusing.

Art 7/10

the only plus with this series is its art style. In the first few episode its ok however in other episodes some of the art is lacking. Character designs are also the only plus with the series however looking cool didn't make the characters any more interesting.

Sound 4/10

some of the sound effects used seemed highly repetitive while the opening being the only decent song in the ost.

Character 3/10

This series had a lot of characters with a lot being introduced especially in the middle episodes. It felt like the plot was just introducing characters in general. The three mcs who take most of the screentime are introduced in the first episode as confident heroes who are going to battle a lot of enemies while in a majority of the series they just stand around and watch other characters just introduced fight. The bad guys like the good guys are introduced in large numbers and not seen again till the end except for the villain loki.

Enjoyment 2/10

When I finished the show I was happy It was done in hope of something better will take its slot next season.

Overall 4/10